Technological watch

Date Title
2022-05-18 Research collaboration developing sustainable textile coating inspired by bees
2022-05-18 VitroLabs raises $46 million to build and scale the world’s first pilot production of cell cultivated leather
2022-05-18 Worley to provide engineering services for Avantium bioplastics facility
2022-05-18 Ingevity’s Thermoplastic Grades Receive OK Biodegradable MARINE Certification
2022-05-18 CJ BIO launches PHA product line: PHACT®
2022-05-16 UK contract moulder offering bioplastics, says only ‘little machine adjustment’ required
2022-05-16 Collaboration with Lummus on green ethylene / Support for circular economy
2022-05-16 New study gives algal treatment the green light
2022-05-13 Breast Cancer Drug Resistance Tackled By Polymer Nanoparticles
2022-05-13 Mitsubishi Chemical closes compounding plant in Michigan
2022-05-11 Trinseo Launches Bio-attributed Content-based ABS Resins for Automotives
2022-05-10 Alpla and Vöslauer’s First Ever Resource-conserving Returnable PET Bottle
2022-05-10 New Plastic-loving Bacteria Enables Reduced Waste Across Ocean
2022-05-09 BPF to explore biobased and biodegradable technology
2022-05-09 Good Natured adds thermoforming capacity in Texas
2022-05-06 Lignin-based jet fuel packs more power for less pollution
2022-05-05 Cygnet Texkimp to Launch Filament and Prepreg Recycling Solution at JEC World
2022-05-03 New Enzyme-based Plastic Recycling Method to Tackle Landfill Waste
2022-05-03 UBQ Materials and Teknor Apex Partner to Develop Sustainable TPEs
2022-04-28 EuPC to Launch OCS Certification Scheme to Reduce Pellet Loss
2022-04-28 ENGEL to Highlight Automation and Digitalization Of IM Processes at Plastpol 2022
2022-04-28 Precise Detection of Nanoplastics in Biological Tissues
2022-04-27 Method efficiently breaks down plastic bottles into component parts
2022-04-27 Avient to Highlight Composite Solutions at JEC World 2022
2022-04-26 Bridgestone Partners with LanzaTech to Pursue End-of-Life Tire Recycling Technologies
2022-04-26 KRAIBURG TPE Offers Recycled Content-based TPEs for Automotive Interiors
2022-04-22 INCA Renewtech to build advanced biocomposites manufacturing facility in Alberta, Canada
2022-04-21 Marcus Wallenberg Prize to Professor Herbert Sixta for the development of Sustainable wood-based textile fibres
2022-04-21 Yankee Stadium Introduces Biodegradable, Compostable Straws
2022-04-20 New Project to Recycle Food-grade Plastics into Packaging Materials
2022-04-20 New Latitude 5000 Series Are Dell’s Most Sustainable Laptops Yet*
2022-04-20 Researchers Find Way to Make Better Use of Plastic at Recycling Stations
2022-04-20 Hydrogel Nanocomposite Designed to Tackle Wound Hemorrhage
2022-04-19 Toyoda Gosei Develops CNF-Reinforced Plastic for Automotive Components
2022-04-14 Researchers Develop Sustainable Plastic Materials Based on Pineapple Waste
2022-04-14 Bridgestone and LanzaTech Partner to Recycle End-of-Life Tire Waste
2022-04-14 Step Forward for 3D Printing at the Nanoscale
2022-04-12 270+ professionals confirm attendance at MeetingPack 2022
2022-04-11 New Plasma-based Technology Converts Waste Plastic into Biodegradable Polymers
2022-04-11 Amcor Launches Initiative Focused on Innovative Packaging Solutions
2022-04-08 Turning Carbon Dioxide into Sustainable Fuel: United and Oxy Low Carbon Ventures Announce Collaboration with Biotech Firm to Create New Fuel Sources
2022-04-08 Why seaweed is a natural fit for replacing certain plastics
2022-04-07 Scientists Turn Heated Plastic Waste into Carbon-capture Master
2022-04-07 Avantium reaches Financial Close for its FDCA Flagship Plant
2022-04-06 Shareholder structure revamped / Firmer footing for renewables activities
2022-04-06 Hometown goes from stock trading curiosity to bioplastics investor
2022-04-06 Teknor Apex Launches TPEs with Up to 35% Recycled Content
2022-04-06 United Soft Plastics Develops Sustainable TPEs for Eco-conscious Needs
2022-04-06 More Versalis in Novamont
2022-04-05 Enmat Y1000P PHBV certified OK Biodegradable Marine
2022-04-05 Mol Group Acquires ReMat, a Hungarian Plastics Recycling Company
2022-03-31 SHV Energy and LanzaTech announce partnership to pioneer renewable propane
2022-03-31 ABB to automate bioplastics plant to help meet the growing global demand for sustainable materials
2022-03-31 New Project Converts Complex Waste into Industrially Useful Materials
2022-03-31 Converting wastewater into bio-based polymer, essential oils, phenolic extracts and clean water: The AFTERLIFE project presents its results.
2022-03-31 Unique tool for numerous applications: Toric carbide endmill from Mikron Tool
2022-03-30 Avient's New PCR-based TPE for Food-contact Applications
2022-03-29 New Method to Remove Microplastics Using Plant Extracts from Okra
2022-03-28 When Zero-Waste Meets 3D Printing
2022-03-25 Woodside launches carbon capture and utilisation collaboration with ReCarbon and LanzaTech
2022-03-25 Neeam is saving the planet, one innovation at a time
2022-03-25 Braskem bio-based resin helping kids get off on the right foot
2022-03-24 New PET-upcycling Technique Paves Path for Microplastic Reduction
2022-03-23 New method could lead to cheaper, more efficient ways to capture carbon
2022-03-22 Yangzhou Huitong Biological New Material setzt in seiner neuesten Anlage auf Sulzer Technologie zur Herstellung von Biokunststoffen
2022-03-22 Electrospinning Reveals Promising Microbial Fuel Cell Cathode
2022-03-21 Graphene Biomaterials to Help Advance Soft Tissue Engineering
2022-03-21 Enhancing the Fluorescence of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
2022-03-18 Global Biocomposites Market Size to Reach USD 51.2 Bn by 2026: M&M
2022-03-18 Improving Capabilities of Nanoscale Imaging Instruments
2022-03-18 TEM Nanoindentation Uncovers Tribology of Amorphous Carbon
2022-03-18 Tailored Nanopesticides Support Sustainable Agricultural Practice
2022-03-17 Doppelgänger creates polystyrene substitute from plastic-eating mealworms
2022-03-17 DOE Grant to engineer bioplastic packaging that’s infinitely recyclable
2022-03-17 Paradigm shift based on research into sugar-based plastic
2022-03-17 Falling Down a MXene Membrane Hole; New Microplastic Solution
2022-03-16 New tool allows unprecedented modeling of magnetic nanoparticles
2022-03-16 Avient Launches Bio-based Polyamide Materials with Lower Warpage
2022-03-15 Nanofertilizer Helps to Rejuvenate Dead Soil
2022-03-15 Avient Exhibited Sustainable Polymers and more at Plastimagen 2022
2022-03-15 Polyplastics Introduces Eco-friendly LFT Resins Made of Regenerated Cellulose Fibers
2022-03-15 HEXPOL to Acquire 70% Stake in almaak, a Recycled Polymer Compounds Specialist
2022-03-14 Sulzer’s bio-plastic technology selected for Yangzhou Huitong Biological New Material’s plant
2022-03-14 New Insights into Terahertz Waves Shielding Mechanism
2022-03-14 NREL Bioengineering Process Prepares To Make a Splash
2022-03-14 Amazon and US DOE Collaborate to Focus on Packaging Waste Reduction
2022-03-14 Scientists Convert Discarded PET into Porous Carbon for CO2 Capture
2022-03-11 New, nature-inspired concepts for turning CO2 into clean fuels
2022-03-11 The Woodly W200 Series – Combining Bioplastics, Durability, and Efficiency
2022-03-11 Braskem Invests Millions to Promote Circularity in Plastics
2022-03-10 Researchers Use Simple Chemistry to Turn Thermoset Polymers Recyclable
2022-03-09 Braskem’s New PCR-based PP Grades for Food Contact Applications
2022-03-08 New Pact Brings 175 Nations Together to Beat Plastic Pollution by 2024
2022-03-04 Indorama Ventures to Acquire 85% Stake in Czech Republic-based PET Recycler
2022-03-03 Twelve and LanzaTech Partner to Create Ethanol From CO2
2022-03-02 Teijin and Fuji Design to Form Business Alliance for CFRP Product Production
2022-03-01 Avient’s New LFR Composites Based on Nylon Reclaimed from Waste Fishing Nets
2022-02-28 Optimized Synthesis of Pioglitazone Drug Nanocarriers
2022-02-28 Braskem + Printpack: Einstieg beim US-amerikanischen Kunststoff­re­cyclingunternehmen Nexus Circular
2022-02-25 Need for Sustainable Packaging Solutions Boost Polylactic Acid Market Size: M&M
2022-02-25 Carbios and Indorama Ventures to Co-develop Bio-recycled PET Manufacturing Plant
2022-02-24 Scientists Develop Cellulose Nanocrystals-based Composite with Bone-hard Toughness
2022-02-23 Hy Stor Energy Joins the Ranks of Center for Hydrogen Safety’s Prestigious Roster
2022-02-22 Biopolymer film: An alternative to single-use plastic food packaging
2022-02-21 New synthetic tooth enamel is harder and stronger than the real thing
2022-02-21 Honeywell and TotalEnergies Sign Agreement for Advanced Plastic Recycling
2022-02-17 Global Biobased Chemicals and Materials Market Report 2022 - Featuring NatureWorks, Total Corbion and Danimer Scientific Among Others -
2022-02-17 MCC Plans Restructuring to Strengthen Engineering Plastic Business
2022-02-16 The Worldwide Biodegradable Films Industry is Expected to Reach $1.4 Billion by 2026 -
2022-02-15 Environmental investment group claims win in Tyson packaging vote
2022-02-15 Danimer Scientific Appoints Keith A. Edwards as Vice President of Business Development
2022-02-14 New Lotus Leaf-inspired Self-cleaning Bioplastic for Packaging
2022-02-14 Kaneka to Increase Biodegradable Polymer’s Production Capacity in Japan
2022-02-10 New Project to Convert Recovered Marine Plastic Litter into Furniture
2022-02-10 New Way to Make Fully Recyclable Carbon Fiber Composites Using Bio-based Epoxies
2022-02-10 New Combination Enhances Bone Tissue Engineering Biomaterial
2022-02-09 KRAIBURG TPE Offers TPE Compounds for Baking Preparatory Devices
2022-02-03 $6.6 Bn Industrial Enzymes Market by Type, Application, Source, Formulation and Region - Global Forecast to 2026 -
2022-02-02 Neste Concludes Trials for Processing Liquefied Plastic Waste in Finland
2022-02-02 Danimer Scientific Publishes 2021 Environmental, Social and Governance Report
2022-01-31 Mass Production of Recyclable Bioplastics Possible with Cellulose
2022-01-31 WWF Releases Chemical Recycling Implementation Principles for Plastic Waste
2022-01-31 EU Commission's New Consultation on Biobased, Biodegradable and Compostable Plastics
2022-01-28 LG Chem to Construct South Korea’s First Hydrothermal Plastics Recycling Facility
2022-01-27 TerraVerdae to Acquire PolyFerm, a Canadian Bioplastics Company
2022-01-27 Danimer Scientific & TotalEnergies Collaborate for Biobased Polymers Supply
2022-01-27 CHINAPLAS 2022 to Focus on Greener Material Development and Circular Economy
2022-01-27 U.S. Plastics Pact Releases Problematic and Unnecessary Packaging Materials List
2022-01-26 Danimer Scientific and TotalEnergies Corbion Collaborate to Supply Biobased Polymers
2022-01-26 Danimer Scientific and Hyundai Oilbank Collaborate on Driving Global Growth of PHA and Sustainable Alternatives to Traditional Plastic Products
2022-01-24 Dow Joins Cyclyx Consortium to Advance Plastic Recycling and Sustainability
2022-01-24 New Way to Turn Technical Lignin Waste into Renewable High-performance Plastics
2022-01-24 Biotecnología aplicada al sector de los plásticos
2022-01-21 Primera edición de un seminario internacional centrado en la biotecnología aplicada al sector de los plásticos
2022-01-21 SKGC and PureCycle to Start Asia's First PP Recycling Plant in South Korea
2022-01-20 La jornada tendrá lugar los días 1 y 2 de marzo y tratará sobre los principales avances en I+D+i y soluciones globales para toda la cadena de valorAimplas organiza la primera edición de un seminario internacional centrado en la biotecnología aplicada al sector de los plásticos
2022-01-20 Bioplastics Ecosystem from Seaweed Takes Root
2022-01-20 Toyo and SCG Sign MOU to Recycle Post Consumer Plastics into Feedstock
2022-01-20 ExxonMobil Aims to Achieve Net Zero Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 2050
2022-01-19 Tapping into opportunities presented by carbon neutrality and digitalization
2022-01-19 Scientists Develop Mechanically Recyclable Sugar-based Polymers
2022-01-18 Arkema to Increase Global Manufacturing Capacity of Elastomers
2022-01-14 HEXPOL TPE Customized Material for Yoloha’s Eco-Conscious Yoga Mats
2022-01-13 INEOS Joins NEXTLOOPP Project to Convert PCR Packaging into Circular PP
2022-01-13 Dow Invests in Mr. Green Africa to Advance Plastic Waste Management
2022-01-12 Petrobras, Novonor selling their stakes in Braskem
2022-01-11 This Is Your Brain in Microgravity
2022-01-11 Improved Biosensor Sensitivity with Polymer Coated Plasmonic Nanoparticles
2022-01-11 Targeting Gastrointestinal Disease with Nanorobots
2022-01-11 Global Bioplastics Markets and Technology Research Report 2021-2026 -
2022-01-11 Plastic Energy and TotalEnergies to Build Advanced Plastic Waste Recycling Plant in Spain
2022-01-11 CHINAPLAS 2022 to Offer Smart Solutions for Packaging Production in Southeast Asia
2022-01-10 New Technology Distinguishes 12 Types of Plastic Waste Accurately
2022-01-10 Goodyear Releases 70% Sustainable Material Content-based Tire
2022-01-10 908 Devices Announces Preliminary Revenue for the Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2021
2022-01-07 Zebrafish Model Exposes Biological Effects of Nanoplastics
2022-01-07 Teijin Enters Partnership for Advanced Chemical Recycling of UHMW-PE
2022-01-06 Ground-Breaking Technology Could Increase the Recycling of Plastics
2022-01-06 ARLANXEO-TSRC JV Plant to be Relocated to Increase NBR Production
2022-01-05 Bioplastics News Stream
2022-01-04 Global Xylitol Market Size, Share, Trends, Analysis & Forecasts Report 2020-2021 & 2028 -
2022-01-04 908 Devices and U.S. Forest Service Announce Development Collaboration
2022-01-03 Scientists Develop Smart Bacteria-killing Food Packaging for Extended Shelf-life
2022-01-03 Chinaplas Returns to Shanghai under the Sign of Carbon Neutrality and Digitalization
2021-12-30 INEOS and Partners to Convert Hard-to-Recycle Waste into Food-grade Plastic
2021-12-29 UBQ Materials Receives Millions in Funding to Convert Waste into Fully Recyclable Plastic
2021-12-28 Cyclyx Develops First-of-its Kind Plastic Recovery Facility on Gulf Cost
2021-12-27 Trinseo Broadens Portfolio with Renewable Content-based Resins
2021-12-24 Teknor Apex and Hyperlight Develop Sustainable CSP System Using Recyclable Tubes
2021-12-23 Global Bioplastic Competitive Analysis and Leadership Study 2022 - Featuring BASF, Braskem and Novamont Among Others -
2021-12-22 Total Corbion to Rebrand into TotalEnergies Corbion
2021-12-21 Dalrada Corporation Expands Presence in Top Three Growth Industries: Clean Energy, Healthcare, Technology (IT)
2021-12-21 Total Corbion PLA rebrands as TotalEnergies Corbion
2021-12-21 New Project to Develop Solutions for Making Electronics Embedded in Plastic Recyclable
2021-12-21 EIB to Finance Carbios’ Enzymatic Plastic Recycling Technology
2021-12-21 Worldwide Plastic Additives Industry to 2026 - by Additive Type, Plastic Type, Application and Geography -
2021-12-20 Six Pines Invests in Nexus and Mura for Circular Plastic Development
2021-12-20 Scientists Develop Photoreceptive Self-healable 3D Printed Plastic
2021-12-20 La función de los laboratorios reconocidos y entidades certificadoras
2021-12-17 Change in SEQENS’ Shareholding Structure – SEQENS Is Now Stronger, More Focused and Positioned as One of the World's Leading Players in Pharmaceutical Solutions and Specialty Ingredients
2021-12-17 El Gruppo Fabbri gana el 15º Premio Global Bioplastics Award
2021-12-17 INEOS Styrolution Receives ISCC Plus Certification for Sustainable Plastic Production
2021-12-17 Pick&Pack busca las startups más innovadoras en packaging e intralogística para impulsar la digitalización y la sostenibilidad
2021-12-16 Scientists Sustainably Repurpose Electronic Plastic Waste into Cell Culture Containers
2021-12-16 Pick&Pack busca las startups más innovadoras en packaging e intralogística
2021-12-15 Trinseo to Acquire Heathland, a Plastic Waste Recycler and Collector
2021-12-14 Covestro Starts Supply of Its Climate-neutral Polycarbonates
2021-12-13 TotalEnergies and Plastic Omnium to Co-develop Recycled Plastic Materials for Auto.
2021-12-13 Suntory Develops 100% Plant-based PET Bottle Prototypes
2021-12-10 Exploiting DNA Nanostructures to Manipulate Cell Behavior
2021-12-10 Advances in Resonant SEIRA Technologies Using Nanoantenna and Metamaterials
2021-12-10 CHINAPLAS 2022 to Focus on Carbon Neutrality and Digitalization
2021-12-09 Ultra-Small C’Dots Could Enable Better Delivery of Cancer Drugs
2021-12-09 Insights into Kinked Nanowires
2021-12-09 DSM and Partners Earn Award for Using Recycled Ocean Plastic in Ford’s SUV
2021-12-09 La producción mundial de bioplásticos se triplicará en cinco años
2021-12-08 Portable Devices for Single-Molecule and Particle Detection
2021-12-08 Outlook on the Biosurfactants Global Market to 2026 - Featuring Akzo Nobel, BASF and Saraya Among Others -
2021-12-08 Covestro and Tekmar Co-develop PU-based Cable Protector for Offshore Energy Market
2021-12-07 Targeted Nanomedicine Treatment Shows Promise in Reducing Vascular Lesions
2021-12-07 BASF Offers Sustainable TPU as Drop-in-Solution for Synthetic Leather Applications
2021-12-06 Collagen Nanoparticle Preparation for Tissue Engineering and Drug Delivery Applications
2021-12-06 Covestro and EVBox to Use Mass-balanced PCs for Sustainable Charging Stations
2021-12-03 Understanding the Immune Response to Nanomedicine Pharmaceuticals
2021-12-03 Researchers Explore 3D Printing of Wind Turbine Blades with Improved Recyclability
2021-12-03 Sulzer’s New Method Turns Ocean-bound Plastic Waste into High-quality Foams
2021-12-02 Global Ursolic Acid Market Report 2021: Analysis & Forecasts, 2015-2020, 2020-2025F, 2030F - Focus on Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage, Cosmetics, Nutraceuticals -
2021-12-02 Nanowire Microfluidics Advance Biomolecule Analysis Technologies
2021-12-02 POET to Adopt Farmers Business Network Digital Grain Sustainability Technology Across All 33 Bioprocessing Facilities
2021-12-02 Scientists Conclude Upcyclable Polymers May Lead to Plastic Waste Reduction
2021-12-02 Hexcel and Fairmat Partner to Recycle Carbon Fiber Prepreg into Composite Panels
2021-11-30 INEOS Styrolution to Invest in Advanced Polystyrene Recycling Plant in UK
2021-11-30 DOMO Introduces Material Cards for Faster Adoption of Eco-friendly Polyamides
2021-11-29 Versatile Nanobiosensors for Rapid Identification of SARS-CoV-2
2021-11-29 Improving Anticorrosion in Epoxy Coatings with a Silk Fibroin-Graphene Oxide Hybrid
2021-11-29 AIMPLAS Receives Certification to Perform Tests Enabling Plastic Waste Exports
2021-11-29 Asahi Kasei to Produce Sustainable Solution-polymerized SBR for Eco-friendly Tires
2021-11-25 De Novo-Designed Nanopore Used for the First Time to Detect DNA, Proteins
2021-11-25 New Method to Produce Lignin-based Thermally Reprocessable Material
2021-11-25 Biodegradable Plastics Market by Type, End-use Industry and Region - Global Forecast to 2026 -
2021-11-24 New Nanoparticle-Based Method Could Help Arrest Internal Bleeding Faster
2021-11-24 Professor Milica Radisic - 2022 Acta Biomaterialia Silver Medal Recipient
2021-11-24 Celanese and MCAM to Collaborate for Recycled POM Product Offerings
2021-11-24 Solvay Launches PPA Materials for Advanced E&E Applications
2021-11-24 Arkema’s New High Rigidity PA11 for Demanding Medical Applications
2021-11-23 Fast-food giants hop on sustainability bandwagon / McDonald's to replace Happy Meal toys / Burger King tests reduced-paper packaging
2021-11-22 Princeton researchers develop 'bubble casting' for soft robotics
2021-11-11 Le sachet Recycle Ready Retort de ProAmpac est validé par deux entreprises de recyclage avancé
2021-11-10 Total Corbion, Danimer sign supply agreement
2021-11-10 Arkema Unveils New Brand Identity Targeting Specialty Materials Segment
2021-11-09 "Creo que la pandemia nos ha hecho comprender que los plásticos de uso sanitario son justamente nuestros aliados"Entrevista a Josep F. Sánchez, director de Coscollola Engineering
2021-11-08 Sustainable product maker receives EUR 2.42m grant / Demonstration plant in the works
2021-11-08 New Technology Turns Carbon Emissions into EVA Foam for Running Shoes
2021-11-05 Aditya Birla and Vartega Sign MoU for Thermoset Composite Recycling
2021-11-04 Launch of recycled PLA grades / Partners sought to boost collection and sorting of post-use PLA
2021-11-04 Plastic Energy and Partners to Recycle Plastic Waste into Food-grade Packaging
2021-11-03 Starlinger’s Post-consumer HDPE Recycling Machine Concept Receives FDA Approval
2021-11-02 Coca?Cola Unveils First-ever 100% Plant-based Plastic Beverage Bottle
2021-11-01 New Way to Chemically Recycles Bioplastics into Nitrogen-rich Fertilizers
2021-10-29 Green Dot Bioplastics and Mayco Partner to Develop NFRP Composite Material
2021-10-29 Bioplastics can be Chemically Transformed into Nitrogen-Rich Fertilizers
2021-10-29 Covestro to Expand Its Portfolio with Mass-balanced Thermoplastic Polyurethanes
2021-10-29 Avient’s Recycled Content-based TPE Finds Use in BIC’s New Women’s Razor
2021-10-29 Danimer Scientific Announces Date for Third Quarter 2021 Results
2021-10-28 Global Bio-based Market Report 2021: Focus on Bio-Chemicals, Bio-Polymers, Bio-Materials and Bio-Coatings & Paints -
2021-10-28 Sumitomo Chemical and Axens Successfully Conduct Waste-based Polyolefin Production
2021-10-28 Researchers Turn Sulfur into Self-extinguishing Flame-retardant Plastics
2021-10-27 LANXESS’ New PA6 Compound with 92% Sustainable Raw Material
2021-10-26 Novel type of biodegradable tree shelter begins UK-wide field testing and initial commercial sales ahead of COP26
2021-10-25 Scientists to Develop Visible Radiation-resistant Bioplastics for Optical Applications
2021-10-25 Dow and Gunvor Sign Agreement to Turn Waste into Circular Plastics
2021-10-21 LANXESS and bp Partner to Produce Sustainable Raw Material-based High-tech Plastics
2021-10-21 Global Polymerase Chain Reaction Consumables Market (2020 to 2027) - by Product Type, Technology, Application, End-user and Geography -
2021-10-19 New Method Uses Engineered Microbes to Convert Waste PET into Nylon
2021-10-19 Patent data reveals consumer goods companies have high bioplastics innovation rate
2021-10-19 Dow to Build Market Development Unit for Circular Polyethylene Production
2021-10-18 Bioplastics & Biopolymers Market to Reach USD 29.7 Bn by 2026, Predicts M&M
2021-10-14 Scientists Develop New Hybrid 4D Additive Manufacturing Process
2021-10-14 DSM to Showcase Fiber-based Lightweight Ballistic Armor Solutions at Milipol Paris
2021-10-14 ExxonMobil to Build Advanced Plastic Waste Recycling Facility in Texas
2021-10-14 Covestro Aims to Close Material Cycle for PU Rigid Foams
2021-10-13 Ingevity increases caprolactone monomer capacity at its Warrington, UK facility
2021-10-13 Avient Launches Bio-filled Polymers at Fakuma 2021
2021-10-12 Arkema to Construct Bio-based Polyamide 11 Powders Plant in China
2021-10-11 Ferrero and Milliken Collaborate to Develop Sustainable Chocolate Boxes
2021-10-11 Self-destructing Plastic Receives Grand Prize at Design Contest
2021-10-11 LANXESS to Spotlight New Flame-retardant PA, Biobased Composite and more at Fakuma
2021-10-08 ARBURG to Highlight Sustainable Plastic Processing Equipment at Fakuma
2021-10-08 KURZ and Deckerform to Present Sustainability Solution at Fakuma 2021
2021-10-07 Arkema to Spotlight High-performing Polymers at Fakuma 2021
2021-10-07 Scientists Develop Computational Model for Climate-neutral Plastic Production
2021-10-07 Dow Advances Plastic Sustainability Efforts, to Provide Circular Polymers Globally
2021-10-06 Demo plant for enzymatic recycling tech in France / Depolymerisation to make PET into virgin-quality resin / Weak H1 financial results
2021-10-06 A powerhouse of technology for bioplastics compounds
2021-10-04 Covestro and Interseroh Sign MoU for Innovative Recycling of Plastic Waste
2021-10-01 ELIX Polymers to Exhibit Sustainable Products at Fakuma 2021
2021-10-01 Dow and Partners Develop High-quality Pouches Using Pouch-to-Pouch Recycling Concept
2021-09-30 DL Chemical to Acquire 100% of Kraton's Business for USD 2.5 Bn
2021-09-29 Solvay’s New PVDC Recycling Solution Paves Path for Circular Packaging
2021-09-28 Wacker to present additive combination at Compounding World Expo
2021-09-28 AdvanSix Adds 100% Post-industrial Recycled PA6 Grades to Its Portfolio
2021-09-28 Compostable and biodegradable compounds get BPI certification for US market
2021-09-27 Scientists Introduce New Comprehensive Approach for Plastic Recycling
2021-09-24 Global Biodegradable Plastics Market to Reach USD 23.3 Bn by 2026, Predicts M&M
2021-09-22 Danimer to use CP Chem process to boost PHA volume, lower costs
2021-09-20 Los bioplásticos tienen una nueva plataforma en México
2021-09-20 Danimer Scientific to Produce Plastics Based on High-Oleic Soybean Oil
2021-09-17 Thermo Fisher investing $180M to meet diagnostics, bioprocessing demands
2021-09-16 Mitsui and PureCycle Sign MoU for Recycled Polypropylene Resin Production in Japan
2021-09-15 Name change to reflect focus on circular economy / Major investment in plastic waste recycling, green materials
2021-09-15 Tunable PVA Packaging Dissolves in Water
2021-09-14 Uniloy Launches Next-Gen Electric Continuous Extrusion Shuttle Blow Molding System
2021-05-20 Position paper promotes EU regulatory measures that support urban bioeconomy
2021-02-08 Trinseo Expands Thermoplastic Elastomers R&D Center in Italy
2021-02-08 Cyanobacteria could revolutionize the plastic industry - Bio-based News -
2021-02-03 New Polymer Shows Color-Changing and Self-Strengthening Abilities
2021-02-03 Trinseo expands elastomers facility in Italy
2021-02-02 Amyris Acquiring Terasana Brand To Offer Clean Cannabinoid Consumer Products - Bio-based News -
2021-02-02 Scientists Discover Polymer Materials Capable of Autonomous Snapping and Jumping
2021-02-02 CHINAPLAS Unveils Concurrent Events and Agenda for 2021 Edition
2021-02-01 Plastics for a green future: Bio-based semi-finished SMC products - Bio-based News -
2021-01-29 New Non-toxic Biodegradable Plastic Film Based on Marine Seaweed
2021-01-28 Researchers at U of T, Northwestern use AI to accelerate discovery of industrial materials - Bio-based News -
2021-01-28 Carbon Dioxide (CO2) as Chemical Feedstock for Polymers – already nearly 1 million tonnes production capacity installed! - Bio-based News -
2021-01-28 For the first time: Growth rate for bio-based polymers with 8 % CAGR far above overall polymer market growth - Bio-based News -
2021-01-27 New Biocomp® Grades for Sirmax Group - Bio-based News -
2021-01-26 Biocatalysis in Green and Blue: Cyanobacteria - Bio-based News -
2021-01-25 Doctoral student of the BioRECO2VER project wins the Green Talents Award from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research! - Bio-based News -
2021-01-25 Yield10 Bioscience Announces Achievement of Proof-of-Concept Milestone for Producing PHA Bioplastic in Field Grown Camelina Plants - Bio-based News -
2021-01-25 Biodegradable fastening solutions helping to reduce agricultural plastic waste - Bio-based News -
2021-01-25 Onward and Upward for Single-Use Systems in Bioprocessing
2021-01-22 Scientists Develop Thermoplastic Biomaterial with Tunable Properties for Tissue Implants
2021-01-22 NDSU researchers publish work on bio-based replacements to fossil fuel plastics - Bio-based News -
2021-01-21 Hologenix, creators of Celliant, and Kelheim Fibres launch Celliant Viscose - Bio-based News -
2021-01-21 Metsä Spring and Valmet begin construction of the 3D fibre product pilot plant - Bio-based News -
2021-01-21 New Project to Transform Soy Hulls into 3DP Natural Fiber Composites
2021-01-21 Perspective: Plastics manufacturers — a surprising contribution to sustainability
2021-01-19 Novamont acquires BioBag, strengthens global presence - Bio-based News -
2021-01-18 New Process to Recycle Polyolefinic Plastics Based on Heterogeneous Catalysts
2021-01-18 Scientists make sustainable polymer from sugars in wood - Bio-based News -
2021-01-18 Bioplastics supplier buys Norway-based Biobag
2021-01-18 Sulzer wins contract for biomaterial processing in China - Bio-based News -
2021-01-18 Consultation – your view on promoting EU algae production - Bio-based News -
2021-01-18 Major banks are funding plastics pollution, finds new report - Bio-based News -
2021-01-15 Nexe Innovations edges closer to commercial-scale production of biodegradable coffee capsules - Bio-based News -
2021-01-14 Novamont Acquires BioBag, a Plastic Waste Collection and Packaging Solutions’ Supplier
2021-01-13 Fight against climate change: Fermentalg and SUEZ create a joint venture to accelerate the industrialization and commercialization of solutions for capturing and valorizing CO2 in bioproducts - Bio-based News -
2021-01-13 European REFUCOAT Project develops recyclable, active packaging food systems - Bio-based News -
2021-01-13 Danimer Scientific Completes Business Combination with Live Oak Acquisition Corp. - Bio-based News -
2021-01-12 LanzaTech and TeselaGen Biotechnology Sign New Multi-Year Deal to Advance Carbon Remediation via Biological Processes - Bio-based News -
2021-01-12 New Xylose-Based Sustainable Polymer Reduces Reliance on Crude Oil Products
2021-01-12 Salt-Tolerant Bacteria With An Appetite For Sludge Make Biodegradable Plastics - Bio-based News -
2021-01-12 AFC partners with MGI to grow AFC’s bio-resin business in the Americas - Bio-based News -
2021-01-11 Equipos de investigación liderados por irlandeses y franceses utilizarán enzimas para degradar las capas de adhesivo que mantienen los plásticos unidosUn consorcio internacional solucionará el reto ambiental de las láminas multicapa
2021-01-11 Researchers Develop Super Soft Smart Rubber to Mimic Biological Tissues
2021-01-11 Collaboration to improve UK bioscience
2020-12-10 Carbon dioxide converted to ethylene - the 'rice of the industry' - Bio-based News -
2020-12-09 Projects to treat and repurpose multi-layered plastics
2020-12-09 Total Corbion PLA outlines most favorable end-of-life options for PLA bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-12-08 Market update 2020: Bioplastics continue to become mainstream as the global bioplastics market is set to grow by 36 percent over the next 5 years - Bio-based News -
2020-12-08 Entek names Medford president of Entek Manufacturing
2020-12-08 Start-up Carbiolice launches Evanesto®, the first additive that allows plastics with a high PLA content to achieve certification "OK compost HOME" by TÜV AUSTRIA Group - Bio-based News -
2020-12-07 Release of whitepaper on end-of-life options for PLA bioplastics / Call to recyclers for collaboration
2020-12-04 Nurel expands its biopolymers production plant - Bio-based News -
2020-12-02 Research creates hydrogen-producing living droplets, paving way for alternative future energy sources - Bio-based News -
2020-12-02 American Agriculture Leaders Commend Governors for Support on Addressing Biogenic CO2 Barrier - Bio-based News -
2020-12-02 Understanding The Importance Of Bioplastics In The Auto Industry - Bio-based News -
2020-12-02 Total Corbion PLA Outlines Top End-of-Life Options for Polylactic Acid Bioplastics
2020-12-02 Tapioca-based plastic could help reduce India's chronic food waste - Bio-based News -
2020-12-02 Total Corbion PLA outlines most favorable end-of-life options for PLA bioplastics
2020-12-02 Dutch furniture manufacturer VepaDrentea launches CO2 negative chair - Bio-based News -
2020-12-02 NPE2021’s 13 Technology Zones Highlight The Plastics Industry’s Most Important Business Sectors
2020-12-01 Closing the plastic loop - Bio-based News -
2020-11-30 Braskem wins the Chemical Week's Sustainability Awards - Bio-based News -
2020-11-27 New AI Robotic Systems to Curb Plastic Waste and Upgrade Chemical Recycling
2020-11-27 Genomatica to Scale Bio-nylon 50-Fold with Aquafil to Meet Surging Brand Demand - Bio-based News -
2020-11-25 INEOS Styrolution and Ferrero explore advanced recycling for future packaging solutions - Bio-based News -
2020-11-25 Gruppo Maip, Eastman partner on sustainable automotive materials - Bio-based News -
2020-11-24 Cucumber Peels for Ecofriendly Food Packaging - Bio-based News -
2020-11-24 Ferrero to study recycling processes
2020-11-19 Scientists Study Microbial Degradation of Bioplastics in Cryogenic Soil
2020-11-19 Eastman & Gruppo Maip Partner to Develop Sustainable Polymers for Automotives
2020-11-18 Gruppo Maip, Eastman to collaborate on sustainable automotive interior materials
2020-11-17 Biodegradable Tapioca Starch-based Bioplastic Film to Reduce Food Waste
2020-11-17 Polylactic Acid Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report 2020 -
2020-11-17 Braskem wraps up $10M tech expansion in Pittsburgh
2020-11-17 Researcher develops flexible PLA that withstands boiling water
2020-11-16 Global Polyethylene Furanoate Films Market Size, Share & Trends Analysis Report, 2020-2035 -
2020-11-13 Expansion into Italian compostables market / High consumer demand
2020-11-12 New Project Aims to Replace Plastic Microbeads in Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries
2020-11-11 Scientist Develops Biodegradable Plastic Foam for Industrial Applications
2020-11-11 Braskem unveils new goals, plans for more efficient PVC feedstocks plant
2020-10-20 Fast Track ZSK Extruders: Greatly Shortened Lead Times and Rapid ROI
2020-10-16 PLASTICS Applauds Department of Energy Recycling Initiative
2020-10-16 Flexible Plastic Packaging Market 2020 - 2024: Post-Pandemic Industry Planning Structure
2020-10-15 Poland Spring Joins Forces with the University of Maine to Explore Bio-Based Materials for Packaging - Bio-based News -
2020-10-15 Ecological power storage battery made of vanillin - Bio-based News -
2020-10-15 Conagra adds new products to plant-based fiber packaging products - Bio-based News -
2020-10-14 Toray Plastics (America), Inc., Names James Ota a Sales Representative, Torayfan® Division
2020-10-14 Röchling drives bioplastics in auto industry
2020-10-12 W-Cycle replaces plastic packaging with food waste - Bio-based News -
2020-10-12 UN SDGs – how to measure the bio-based sector’s contribution? - Bio-based News -
2020-10-09 New enzyme cocktail digests plastic waste six times faster - Bio-based News -
2020-10-09 New Project to Build Lightweight Car Based on Recycled PET Composite Material
2020-10-09 Danimer Scientific to Become Public Company, Signs Agreement with Live Oak
2020-10-08 Newlight Technologies opens new commercial-scale AirCarbon production facility - Bio-based News -
2020-10-07 Kickstart: Big funding boost for bioplastics
2020-10-07 Energy Transition: Total Is Investing More Than €500 Million To Convert Its Grandpuits Refinery Into a Zero-Crude Platform for Biofuels and Bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-10-06 Multifunctional microbe simplifies processing of plant-derived fuels, chemicals - Bio-based News -
2020-10-06 Total Corbion PLA to invest in the first world-scale PLA-plant in Europe
2020-10-06 Total Corbion PLA announces the first world-scale PLA plant in Europe - Bio-based News -
2020-10-05 ADM and Spiber to Partner on Production of Innovative Biobased Polymers
2020-10-05 Bioplastics firm Danimer merging with publicly traded Live Oak
2020-10-02 Poland Spring, University of Maine forage for bio-based alternatives
2020-10-02 Kickstart: Plastic straws return to center stage
2020-10-01 Ingevity announces dates for third quarter earnings release and webcast
2020-09-30 New biological platform converts corn fiber into ethanol - Bio-based News -
2020-09-30 New renewables strategy for Grandpuits / Refinery site to become hub for bioplastics and chemical recycling / Start-up in 2024
2020-09-30 Chemicals in bioplastics not safer than those in conventional plastics - Bio-based News -
2020-09-30 „Bioplastik“ ist keine unbedenkliche Alternative zu herkömmlichen Kunststoffen - Bio-based News -
2020-09-29 thyssenkrupp to build second bioplastics plant in China - Bio-based News -
2020-09-29 Nominations for the 2020 DNFI Award Received - Bio-based News -
2020-09-28 Advanced Biofuel Facility Gets Green Light in India - Bio-based News -
2020-09-25 Biology is an important science discipline to better understand the world we live in! - Bio-based News -
2020-09-25 New PS Recycling Plant Based on Depolymerization: INEOS Styrolution & Trinseo
2020-09-25 New bioplastic blend offers on demand biodegradation under water - Bio-based News -
2020-09-25 COVID-19 Recovery Analysis: Wood-plastic Composites Market
2020-09-24 New Process Boosts Lignin Bio-oil as a Next-Generation Fuel - Bio-based News -
2020-09-24 The World Bioeconomy Forum - Bio-based News -
2020-09-24 NatureWorks to Increase PLA Production with New Purification Technology Projects
2020-09-22 Galatea Biotech is launching a revolutionary crowdfunding in the bioplastics sector - Bio-based News -
2020-09-22 European Bioplastics criticises biased interpretation of EEA study on biodegradable and compostable plastics: - Bio-based News -
2020-09-21 COVID-19 Recovery Analysis: Polyhydroxyalkanoate Market
2020-09-01 Biome Technologies plc’s bioplastics division receives order for compostable bioplastic for coffee pods - Bio-based News -
2020-08-31 Lygos Successfully Validates Novel Fermentation Process for Sustainable and Rare Cannabinoids - Bio-based News -
2020-08-31 COVID-19 Impacts: Wood-plastic Composites Market Will Accelerate at a CAGR of About 11% Through 2020-2024
2020-08-31 Origin Materials develops furan platform based on Chloromethyl Furfural - Bio-based News -
2020-08-28 3DP Photopolymer Market to Reach USD 846.13 Mn by 2028: Quince Market Insights
2020-08-28 Bridge2Brands: FCA and Biobridges Call for Innovative Solutions - Bio-based News -
2020-08-27 An interview with Cyrille Pauthenier, Ceo of French biotech company Abolis - Bio-based News -
2020-08-27 Avantium first half 2020 results: losses in Catalysis business, good progress elsewhere - Bio-based News -
2020-08-24 Enzyme-enriched PLA accelerates biodegradability of mulch film
2020-08-24 New Algae Oil-based Degradable PU Foam for Completely Recyclable Flip-flops
2020-08-21 Turning carbon dioxide into liquid fuel - Bio-based News -
2020-08-21 New Science Behind Algae-based Flip-flops - Bio-based News -
2020-08-20 Danimer Scientific and WinCup Named Winners of the 2020 Innovation in Bioplastics Award
2020-08-20 Global $1.5 Bn Biodegradable Films Market by Type, Application and Region - Forecast to 2025 -
2020-08-19 Survey: Americans Embrace Sustainability Despite COVID-19 Upheaval - Bio-based News -
2020-08-19 Towards a future with bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-08-19 Danimer Scientific Receives U.S. Department of Energy Grant to Support Bioplastic Production - Bio-based News -
2020-08-17 Lygos Successfully Validates Novel Fermentation Process for Sustainable and Rare Cannabinoids
2020-08-17 INEOS Styrolution and Recycling Technologies sign joint development agreement for recycling polystyrene - Bio-based News -
2020-08-14 Sustainable Method to Use Bacteria to Make Adipic Acid Used in Nylon Manufacture
2020-08-14 Self-healing soft material outsmarts nature - Bio-based News -
2020-08-14 Bimbosan® and ProAmpac Announce ProActive Renewable Bio-Based Packaging for Baby Nutrition
2020-08-13 Joint development to recycle polystyrene with Recycling Technologies
2020-08-13 Construction of monomer recycling plant for PET waste in Germany
2020-08-13 An interview with Pasi Laine, CEO of Valmet. “We are happy to see that green recovery is part of many regions’ response on how to build growth after the pandemic” - Bio-based News -
2020-08-11 Leading Biocatalysis and Biocatalyst Suppliers, 2019 - DuPont, Royal DSM, Codexis, BASF, AB Enzymes, Amano Enzymes, Novozymes, and Chr. Hansen -
2020-08-11 Joint venture More PET founded with Remondis / Marketing of rPET
2020-08-11 Total Corbion donates PLA Luminy for the production of 3D printed face shields - Bio-based News -
2020-08-10 Nextchem and LanzaTech Sign an agreement to promote circular ethanol production - Bio-based News -
2020-08-10 Coperion supports RenCom in production of durable biomaterial - Bio-based News -
2020-08-10 Dairy waste is being turned into bioplastics and plant food - Bio-based News -
2020-08-07 What the oil crash means for bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-08-07 Bottle Up to launch in WHSmith stores across the UK - Bio-based News -
2020-08-06 Agile BioFoundry Selects New Projects to Accelerate Biomanufacturing - Bio-based News -
2020-08-06 Converting waste into a usable resource - Bio-based News -
2020-08-06 "B-Corp" certification for Novamont, making it also a "Benefit Corporation" - Bio-based News -
2020-08-05 Breakthrough packaging partnership puts women in rural Africa at the forefront of materials innovation - Bio-based News -
2020-08-04 German Associations Demand Removal of Regulatory Hurdles to Achieve the EU’s Climate Targets - Bio-based News -
2020-08-03 Kimberly-Clark Joins WWF’s Bioplastic Feedstock Alliance - Bio-based News -
2020-07-28 Los nuevos materiales desarrollados permitirán obtener nuevos envases reciclables, compostables y reutilizablesEl proyecto europeo BIOnTop obtiene resultados prometedores en el desarrollo de nuevos envases reciclables y compostables
2020-07-24 Barrier-coated paperboard – the alternative to plastic for smart packaging - Bio-based News -
2020-07-24 El proyecto europeo BIOnTop obtiene resultados prometedores en el desarrollo de nuevos envases reciclables y compostables
2020-07-24 Compostable moisture absorption pads keep food fresh - Bio-based News -
2020-07-23 Investment in CuRe Technology's depolymerisation process / Majority of output from new PET recycling plant in Western Europe planned
2020-07-23 European Bioplastics Research Network Gets Underway - Bio-based News -
2020-07-23 Next Fakuma in October 2021
2020-07-23 Conclusions of a study on compostable plastics and microplastics unsupported by data - Bio-based News -
2020-07-22 Using Existing Injection Blow Moulding Machinery For Bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-07-22 Clariant’s bio-based additives for biopolymers awarded OK compost INDUSTRIAL & OK biodegradable SOIL certification - Bio-based News -
2020-07-21 Oimo Bioplastic ha creado un material sostenible similar al plástico, biodegradable y soluble en agua con las mismas propiedades que el plástico tradicional.
2020-07-21 Home Compostable and Soil Degradable Compound for Injection Moulding Applications - Bio-based News -
2020-07-21 PolyOne Sustainability Portfolio in Europe Expanded to Support Circular Economy - Bio-based News -
2020-07-20 U of I-Led Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (CAFE) Secures $10M USDA Grant to Build Sustainability and Prosperity for Dairy Industry - Bio-based News -
2020-07-20 Los informes de IDTechEx 'Bioplastics 2020-2025' y 'Green Technology and Polymer Recycling: Market Analysis 2020-2030' analizan en profundidad el material y su reciclabilidadPlásticos biodegradables vs. reciclables: ¿Qué es mejor para el medio ambiente?
2020-07-17 Electrochaea Expands Executive Team: Harald Beschid Appointed Chief Operations Officer - Bio-based News -
2020-07-17 Praj and Lygos to Co-develop Advanced Lactic Acid Yeast Technology for Bio-based Products - Bio-based News -
2020-07-14 New Candidate for Raw Material Synthesis Through Gene Transfer - Bio-based News -
2020-07-14 Global Bio-plastic Market (2019 to 2024) - Technology Landscape, Trends and Opportunities -
2020-07-14 Eastman partners with IMCD Group to expand its distribution network for specialty plastics in EMEA
2020-07-13 New Tool Straightens Out Molecule-Sized Tangles of Polymers
2020-07-13 NEC Corporation Starts Sale of Bioplastic Made of 50% Non-edible Plant Ingredients
2020-07-13 NEC Platforms provides highly functional bioplastic, "NeCycle," helping to solve environmental issues such as marine plastic waste - Bio-based News -
2020-07-09 What Happens to Bioplastics at Industrial Composting Sites? - Bio-based News -
2020-07-09 Study shows use of Ingevity’s Nuchar activated carbon in automotive applications and canisters offsets greenhouse gases generated in their manufacture by 10 times
2020-07-08 Un innovador proceso de triple acción acelerará la degradación del plástico tradicional y lo convertirá en biopolímeros, que podrán utilizarse como sustitutos naturales y biodegradables de los plásticos.El proyecto BioICEP acelerará la degradación del plástico tradicional y lo convertirá en biopolímeros
2020-07-08 New biosurfactants are greener than ever - Bio-based News -
2020-07-07 BioICEP acelerará la degradación del plástico tradicional y lo convertirá en biopolímeros y bioproductos
2020-07-07 Bioplastics: A Sustainable Alternative to Automotive Tires - Bio-based News -
2020-07-07 Global Sterile Bottles Market Is Expected to Reach US$ 16.4 Billion By End Of 2027, Says CMI
2020-07-06 El proyecto BioICEP acelerará la degradación del plástico tradicional y lo convertirá en biopolímeros
2020-07-06 Disposable Gloves Made of Bioplastics - Bio-based News -
2020-07-06 Kraton Joins Association of Plastics Recyclers for Sustainable Product Development
2020-07-05 La startup catalana Oimo crea un material biodegradable al mar amb les mateixes propietats que el plàstic tradicional
2020-07-02 National Science Foundation Awards Grant to Rensselaer Polytechnic for Research into New Plastic
2020-07-02 University Researchers Seek Ways to Recycle ‘Unrecyclable’ Polymers
2020-07-01 COVID-19 Impact and Recovery Analysis - Global Synthetic Biology Market 2020-2024
2020-06-29 Introducing the NextFilm Line of new compostable packaging films - Bio-based News -
2020-06-29 Dolco’s New Partnership for PS Recycling in Packaging and Consumer Goods
2020-06-29 Senbis Invests in Testing Facility for Sustainable Plastics’ Development
2020-06-25 ZELCOR webinar series - Bio-based News -
2020-06-25 Ingevity announces new date and details for upcoming sustainability webinar
2020-06-24 Detachable Adhesive Is Like an Ouch-Free Band-Aid for Internal Organs
2020-06-22 EUR 100 million support to create green solutions and products for the benefit of society - Bio-based News -
2020-06-22 Solve invasive seaweed problem by turning it into biofuels and fertilisers - Bio-based News -
2020-06-19 Which Is Better for the Environment — Biodegradable or Recyclable Plastic?
2020-06-19 ASOBIOCOM rechaza el informe elaborado por EASAC
2020-06-19 Material innovation at Benvic takes the fight directly to COVID 19 - Bio-based News -
2020-06-18 United States Biodegradable Plastics Market to 2026 - Forecast by Type, End-user, Raw Materials, Company Analysis & Forecast -
2020-06-17 Egg-based coating preserves fresh produce - Bio-based News -
2020-06-17 UK associations call on government to ban oxo degradable plastics - Bio-based News -
2020-06-16 Woodly recycles its cellulose-based plastics with NGR recycling technology - Bio-based News -
2020-06-15 UBC researchers develop biodegradable medical mask for COVID-19 - Bio-based News -
2020-06-15 Braskem's bioplastic recognized at UN event as one of Brazil's most transformational cases in sustainable development - Bio-based News -
2020-06-12 French bioplastics producer stems EUR 13m equity increase / Backing from Mitsubishi Chemical and Bpifrance
2020-06-10 Lactips, producer of first soluble bioplastic, raises $14.4M to ramp up bioplastic production based on milk protein - Bio-based News -
2020-06-10 Mitsubishi Chemical Invests to Support Lactips’ Water Soluble Bio-Plastic Technology
2020-06-09 New Study on Polymers Could Improve Thermostability of Bioplastics
2020-06-08 New Stem Cell-laced 3D-printed Hydrogel for Custom-made Bone Implants
2020-06-08 Valmet and Metsä Fibre have signed a preliminary agreement for key technology and automation delivery to the planned Kemi bioproduct mill in Finland - Bio-based News -
2020-06-05 Lactips raises 13 million euros to drive development - Bio-based News -
2020-06-04 Breaking down stubborn cellulose in time lapse - Bio-based News -
2020-06-04 AIMPLAS’ Project to Recycle Plastic Packaging Using Microbe-based Process
2020-06-04 French startup raises $14.8M in new investment round
2020-06-02 Chemical recycling makes useful product from waste bioplastic - Bio-based News -
2020-06-02 Enzyme recycling process could break down plastics by 70%
2020-06-02 Ingevity to reduce costs, staffing in response to coronavirus
2020-06-01 good natured® Launches Biodegradable Packaging for Food Take-out and Delivery
2020-05-28 Global Itaconic Acid Market & COVID-19 Impact Assessment 2020-2027 -
2020-05-28 Plastics se refuerza en sostenibilidad - MundoPlast
2020-05-28 Ingevity announces details for upcoming Industrial Specialties and Oilfield Technologies webinar
2020-05-26 Huhtamaki donates EUR 3 million to circular economy initiatives - Bio-based News -
2020-05-25 Research Report with COVID-19 Forecasts - Global Wood-plastic Composites Market 2020-2024
2020-05-25 New platform signals commitment of bio-based industries and regions in advancing European bioeconomy - Bio-based News -
2020-05-21 Faster, More-Efficient Chemical Recycling Process Keeps Bioplastics in the Mix
2020-05-21 PLASTICS Promotes Two to Lead Sustainability Initiatives
2020-05-15 Bioplásticos podrían experimentar aumento sustancial de la demanda
2020-05-14 Biopromotions and Braskem collaborate on sustainable mask strap - Bio-based News -
2020-05-14  Ingevity announces details for upcoming Engineered Polymers webinar
2020-05-13 USD 133m for bioplastics production expansion secured
2020-05-13 Bio-based sector offers new opportunities for green growth in EU-13 - Bio-based News -
2020-05-12 An Open Letter to ‘Plastiphobes’ about the Material You Love to Hate
2020-05-12 An interview with Danilo Porro, President of Italian start-up Galatea Biotech - Bio-based News -
2020-05-11 Lucite International and Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation increase the pace on a Circular Economy for PMMA with Agilyx Corporation - Bio-based News -
2020-05-11 World BioEconomy Forum goes virtual – live from Ruka! - Bio-based News -
2020-05-11 Dow and Doxa Plast join forces to deliver stretch films made with renewable resources - Bio-based News -
2020-05-11 RWDC Industries Raise US $133 Million In Series B Funding Round - Bio-based News -
2020-05-08 Kraton introduces Revolution rosin ester technology - Bio-based News -
2020-05-07 New investment boosts bioplastics product development capacity at TerraVerdae - Bio-based News -
2020-05-07 Guidance on single-use plastics directive: European Commission to stick to its timeline - Bio-based News -
2020-05-06 PLA advances are changing the plastics industry - Bio-based News -
2020-05-05 TerraVerdae Receives Funding to Boost Bioplastics Product Development Capacity
2020-05-05 RWDC to build $260M PHA plant in Georgia
2020-05-04 Directed evolution: a Nobel prize winning innovation - Bio-based News -
2020-05-04 Circe: Biodegradable plastic without the plants - Bio-based News -
2020-05-04 How much biomass do bio-based plastics need? - Bio-based News -
2020-05-04 Ozinga Energy and Ingevity announce adsorbed natural gas vehicle partnership
2020-05-01 Kraton Launches Multi-resin Product Line for Plastic Upcycling
2020-04-30 Agilyx: Chemischer Kunststoffrecycler lizenziert Technologie für PS-Recycling an Toyo Styrene - Bio-based News -
2020-03-23 Bioplastic production to increase by 15% by 2024
2020-03-23 Collaboration with Floreon to extend performance of biopolymers
2020-03-23 European Scientists Take Hard Look at Packaging Plastics in Circular Economy
2020-03-20 New Circular Economy Action Plan: no circular economy without bioeconomy - Bio-based News -
2020-03-20 Clariant and Floreon collaborate to expand high-performance-biopolymer applications
2020-03-20 Neuer Aktionsplan für die Kreislaufwirtschaft: Keine Kreislaufwirtschaft ohne Bioökonomie - Bio-based News -
2020-03-20 Borealis Starts Renewable Polypropylene Production at Kallo and Beringen
2020-03-19 A new JRC report illustrates the work in building a database of EU facilities producing bioproducts - Bio-based News -
2020-03-19 Next Five Years Could be Pivotal for Bioplastics
2020-03-19 Clariant & Floreon: Partnership to Enhance Biopolymer Properties and Market Potential
2020-03-19 Enhanced role envisaged for the bio-based industries under the EU’s new Circular Economy Action Plan - Bio-based News -
2020-03-19 2020 Innovations in Soil Amendments, Bioprocesses and Biofuels - Provides Intelligence on Technologies, Processes and Strategic Insights of Industries Involving Bioprocessing -
2020-03-18 b.fab receives funding from BMBF for CO2 utilization in biopolymers - Bio-based News -
2020-03-18 Global Disposable Cups and Lids Market in Food and Beverage Industry 2020-2024
2020-03-17 ABT plant ups production capacity biobased ECH to 120 kT/pa - Bio-based News -
2020-03-12 Introducing chemical recycling: Plastic waste becoming a resource - Bio-based News -
2020-03-12 2020 Worldwide Bioplastic Competitive Analysis & Leadership Study -
2020-03-12 Global Biodegradable Plastics Market 2020 - Drivers & Challenges -
2020-03-11 Designing Synthetic Microbial Consortia for Biofuel Production - Bio-based News -
2020-03-11 Brewing greener chemicals from fermented waste - Bio-based News -
2020-03-11 Plastic from Wood - Bio-based News -
2020-03-10 Igloo Is Making Changes to Become the World’s Most Environmentally Friendly Cooler Company
2020-03-09 Actualmente de las 75 t utilizadas el agricultura solo tres son biodegradables, por lo que todavía queda mucho margen de crecimientoLa producción de bioplásticos crece un 15% y se hacen hueco en el sector de la construcción y la automoción
2020-03-09 La producción mundial de bioplásticos ha aumentado un 15%, con buenos datos en construcción y automoción
2020-03-08 17 Associated Members and 16 Partnering Projects join the Graphene Flagship
2020-03-06 Bio-based solutions for a future-fit Europe – How can the bio-based sector contribute to EU Green Deal and to a zero-waste-europe? - Bio-based News -
2020-03-05 USDA Rural Development, BioPreferred Program and more - Bio-based News -
2020-03-05 ?Bioplásticos para vada vez más aplicaciones - MundoPlast
2020-03-04 Researchers explore biomimetic approach for making adhesives tougher
2020-03-04 USDA Rural Development, BioPreferred Program and more: The Digest’s 2020 Multi-Slide Guide to USDA’s Bioproducts to Market Efforts - Bio-based News -
2020-03-04 The combination of plant-based particles and water forms an 'eco' super-glue - Bio-based News -
2020-03-04 Researchers have developed a bioplastic that protects against UV radiation - Bio-based News -
2020-03-04 La producción de bioplásticos crece un 15% y se hacen hueco en el sector de la construcción y la automoción
2020-03-03 Tomra’s New Sorting Technology for High-purity Recycled Polystyrene
2020-03-03 Study Unveils UV Radiation-resistant Bioplastic for Printed Electronics
2020-03-02 Bioplastics Production Capacity to Reach 2.4 Mn Tons by 2024: European Bioplastics
2020-03-02 New campaign to clear up citizen confusion on plastics
2020-03-02 Ingevity authorizes $500 million in share repurchases
2020-02-28 Södra first in the world with fossil-free biomethanol - Bio-based News -
2020-02-28 Compostable plastics break down in less than 22 days in real life industrial composting - Bio-based News -
2020-02-28 Praxistest: Kompostierbare Kunststoffe zersetzen sich bei der industriellen Kompostierung in weniger als 22 Tagen - Bio-based News -
2020-02-08 Consumers confused by distinction between biobased and biodegradable plastics
2020-02-07 Fake biodegradable products flood market after India bans single-use plastics
2020-02-06 BASF and Fabbri Group develop new fresh-food packaging film
2020-02-05 UK supplement brand Rejuvenated launches compostable packaging
2020-02-04 Genpak to make food containers with bioplastics from Danimer Scientific
2020-02-03 Manufacturing Effects on Material Properties
2020-01-31 Composites events to cover recycling, sustainability, gel coats and more
2020-01-30 New Project to Convert Urban Biowaste into Economically Viable Bioplastic
2020-01-30 The truth about compostable plastics
2020-01-29 Ingevity to petition U.S. International Trade Commission to review Administrative Law Judge’s Initial Determination; intends to pursue case against MAHLE for infringing gasoline vapor emission control technology patent
2020-01-23 Ingevity announces dates for fourth quarter and full year earnings release and webcast
2020-01-17 PET Monomer Recycling Forum to launch in April
2020-01-14 Plastic Bags and Pouches Industry Procurement Intelligence Report
2020-01-09 New Automated Way to Produce Polymers for Chemical and Medical Applications
2020-01-08 Medical wearables: What they're wearing at CES this year
2020-01-08 Chemical recycling of plastics gets a catalytic boost in Australia, China
2020-01-07 On recycling: Why is doing the right thing so damn hard?
2020-01-06 Ingevity’s Michael Wilson to present at CJS Securities Investor Conference on January 8, 2020
2020-01-03 New Biodegradable Food Wrap Based on Soy Waste
2020-01-02 Cross-industry consortium to advance technology targeting hard-to-recycle PET waste / Alpla, Britvic, BP, Danone, Remondis and Unilever
2020-01-02 A green alternative to the regular PVC and polyethylene rolls
2018-10-19 /en/support/news/aif-research-alliance-on-medical-technology-starts-work
Date Title
2022-09-01 Fouling investigation of cartridge filter (CF) used as “firewall” in a nanofiltration drinking water plant
2022-08-01 A review on four-dimensional (4D) bioprinting in pursuit of advanced tissue engineering applications
2022-08-01 Plastics in a circular economy: Mitigating the ambiguity of widely-used terms from stakeholders consultation
2022-08-01 Bioactivity evaluation of printable calcium polyphosphate/alginoplast cement for bone tissue engineering; In vitro study
2022-07-07 Unveiling the reinforcement effects in cottonseed protein/polycaprolactone blend biocomposites
2022-07-01 Preparation of a robust silk fibroin scaffold with a reinforced concrete structure constructed with silk nanofibers as the skeleton based on a CaCl2-formic acid solution and freeze-drying method
2022-07-01 Bioplastics for food packaging
2022-07-01 Degradation and flammability of bioplastics based on PLA and lignin
2022-06-01 A review of bioplastics at end-of-life: Linking experimental biodegradation studies and life cycle impact assessments
2022-05-26 Highly-toughened and dimensionally-stable TEMPO cellulose nanofiber/bio-PBSA nanocomposites fabricated via Pickering emulsion process
2022-05-18 Fabrication Methods of Ceramic Nanoparticles
2022-05-16 Synthetic biology and opportunities within agricultural crops
2022-05-16 Recycled (Bio)Plastics and (Bio)Plastic Composites: A Trade Opportunity in a Green Future
2022-05-15 An efficient cell?free protein synthesis platform for producing proteins with pyrrolysine?based non?canonical amino acids
2022-05-14 Latest Advances in 3D Bioprinting of Cardiac Tissues
2022-05-14 Nanomaterials in Dentistry: Current Applications and Future Scope
2022-05-14 Comments on “Plastic accumulation during COVID-19: call for another pandemic; bioplastic a step towards this challenge?” by Neeraj K. Aggarwal (10.1007/s11356-021–17,792-w)
2022-05-12 Iridium?Catalyzed Direct Reductive Amination of Ketones and Secondary Amines: Breaking the Aliphatic Wall
2022-05-09 Effect of crosslinking, hydroxyapatite addition, and fiber alignment to stimulate human mesenchymal stem cells osteoinduction in polycaprolactone?based electrospun scaffolds
2022-05-06 Engineering Pseudomonas putida for Improved Utilization of Syringyl Aromatics
2022-05-06 Sorghum as a Potential Valuable Aquafeed Ingredient: Nutritional Quality and Digestibility
2022-05-04 Neem extract–blended nanocellulose derived from jackfruit peel for antibacterial packagings
2022-05-01 Land-use change and valorisation of feedstock side-streams determine the climate mitigation potential of bioplastics
2022-05-01 Antibacterial and compostable polymers derived from biobased itaconic acid as environmentally friendly additives for biopolymers
2022-04-28 High barrier semi-crystalline polyesters involving nature occurring pyridine structure towards sustainable food packaging
2022-04-28 (Hetero)aryl?SVI Fluorides: Synthetic Development and Opportunities
2022-04-28 Making Enzymes Suitable for Organic Chemistry by Rational Protein Design
2022-04-26 Methanolysis of Poly(lactic Acid) Using Catalyst Mixtures and the Kinetics of Methyl Lactate Production
2022-04-25 Construction of branched DNA?based nanostructures for diagnosis, therapeutics and protein engineering
2022-04-23 Design of low cost waterborne polyvinyl alcohol coatings using plasticizer polyethylene glycol to minimize the residual solvent and coating defects
2022-04-22 Advances in Technological Research for Online and In Situ Water Quality Monitoring—A Review
2022-04-22 Cutting-Edge Progress in Stimuli-Responsive Bioadhesives: From Synthesis to Clinical Applications
2022-04-22 Common Sources of Natural Polymer Nanocomposites
2022-04-21 Benefits of Polymer Modification on Nanomaterials
2022-04-21 Structure–property relationships and constitutive viscoelastic behaviors of polyether?block?amide elastomers in melt and solid states
2022-04-21 Monoamine?modified thin film composite nanofiltration membrane for permselective separation of fermentation bioproducts
2022-04-20 Additive Manufactured Poly (ε-Caprolactone)-Graphene Scaffolds: Lamellar Crystal Orientation, Mechanical Properties and Biological Performance
2022-04-20 A Review of Polylactic Acid as a Replacement Material for Single-Use Laboratory Components
2022-04-18 Nanofiber Polymers for Coating Titanium-Based Biomedical Implants
2022-04-18 Tailoring the Barrier Properties of PLA: A State-of-the-Art Review for Food Packaging Applications
2022-04-15 The role of rare earth elements in bone tissue engineering scaffolds - A review
2022-04-13 Pushing the Natural Frontier: Progress on the Integration of Biomaterial Cues towards Combinatorial Biofabrication and Tissue Engineering
2022-04-13 Design and Characterization of a Bioinspired Polyvinyl Alcohol Matrix with Structural Foam-Wall Microarchitectures for Potential Tissue Engineering Applications
2022-04-13 Exploring the Impact of Chitosan Composites as Artificial Organs
2022-04-13 Study on the Effect of Bio-Based Materials’ Natural Degradation in the Environment
2022-04-12 Facile preparation of self-assembled high-performance cellulose based composite
2022-04-11 Economic optimization for a dual?feedstock lignocellulosic?based sustainable biofuel supply chain considering greenhouse gas emission and soil carbon stock
2022-04-09 Characterisation of Selected Materials in Medical Applications
2022-04-07 Applications of Natural Polymer Nanocomposites
2022-04-06 Multifunctional biocatalyst for conjugate reduction and reductive amination
2022-04-06 Autonomous fuelled directional rotation about a covalent single bond
2022-04-05 Effect of filtrate flux and process disruptions on virus retention by a relatively homogeneous virus removal membrane
2022-04-03 Smart MXene Quantum Dot-Based Nanosystems for Biomedical Applications
2022-04-01 Pickering interfacial biocatalysis with enhanced diffusion processes for CO2 mineralization
2022-04-01 Application of Metal Nanoparticles for Production of Self-Sterilizing Coatings
2022-04-01 Current Development and Future Perspective on Natural Jute Fibers and Their Biocomposites
2022-03-31 Tracing back variations in archaeal ESCRT-based cell division to protein domain architectures
2022-03-30 Biodegradable functional macromolecules as promising scaffolds for cardiac tissue engineering
2022-03-27 Methodologies to Assess the Biodegradability of Bio-Based Polymers—Current Knowledge and Existing Gaps
2022-03-26 Up?recycling oil produced water as the media?base for the production of xanthan gum
2022-03-25 Promising Developments in Bio-Based Products as Alternatives to Conventional Plastics to Enable Circular Economy in Ukraine
2022-03-24 Gelatin Blends Enhance Performance of Electrospun Polymeric Scaffolds in Comparison to Coating Protocols
2022-03-24 Programmable Matter: The Nanoparticle Atom and DNA Bond
2022-03-21 Polyacrylic Acid Nanoplatforms: Antimicrobial, Tissue Engineering, and Cancer Theranostic Applications
2022-03-21 Poly(lactic acid)-Based Electrospun Fibrous Structures for Biomedical Applications
2022-03-20 Gradient Printing Alginate Herero Gel Microspheres for Three-Dimensional Cell Culture
2022-03-18 Three?dimensional printing of mechanically resistant poly (glycerol sebacate) (PGS)?zein scaffolds for potential cardiac tissue engineering applications
2022-03-18 Differential Scanning Calorimetry in Nanocomposite Analysis
2022-03-18 An Overview of the Alternative Use of Seaweeds to Produce Safe and Sustainable Bio-Packaging
2022-03-18 Printing and Erasing of DNA?Based Photoresists Inside Synthetic Cells
2022-03-17 3D-Printed, Dual Crosslinked and Sterile Aerogel Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering
2022-03-17 Broad-Spectrum Theranostics and Biomedical Application of Functionalized Nanomaterials
2022-03-17 Kinetic models to describe Nannochloropsis salina cultivation under different illumination conditions
2022-03-17 Towards a Circular Economy of Plastics: An Evaluation of the Systematic Transition to a New Generation of Bioplastics
2022-03-16 Engineering of Viscosupplement Biomaterials for Treatment of Osteoarthritis: A Comprehensive Review
2022-03-15 Magnetic nanomaterials assisted nanobiocatalysis systems and their applications in biofuels production
2022-03-15 Solid acrylonitrile?based copolymer electrolytes and their potential application in solid state battery
2022-03-14 Emerging Biosensing Technologies for the Diagnostics of Viral Infectious Diseases
2022-03-14 Effects of the reinforcement content and reinforcement scale on the shear strength characteristics of mechanically biologically treated waste
2022-03-14 Poly-l-Lactic Acid (PLLA)-Based Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine: A Review on Processing and Applications
2022-03-11 Macroscopic membranes self?assembled by alginate and a cationic and amphiphilic peptide for cell culture
2022-03-10 Fully Synthetic 3D Fibrous Scaffolds for Stromal Tissues—Replacement of Animal?Derived Scaffold Materials Demonstrated by Multilayered Skin
2022-03-10 Biopackaging Potential Alternatives: Bioplastic Composites of Polyhydroxyalkanoates and Vegetal Fibers
2022-03-09 Engineering high strength and super toughness of unfolded structural proteins and their extraordinary anti?adhesion performance for abdominal hernia repair
2022-03-08 Chemistry-Induced Effects on Cell Behavior upon Plasma Treatment of pNIPAAM
2022-03-08 Multifunctional Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles for Oral Drug Delivery
2022-03-08 Development and characterization of starch?based films added ora?pro?nobis mucilage and study of biodegradation and photodegradation
2022-03-07 Comparison of Protein Content, Availability, and Different Properties of Plant Protein Sources with Their Application in Packaging
2022-03-04 Graphene Oxide–Protein-Based Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering. Recent Advances and Applications
2022-03-03 Characterization of Alginate–Gelatin–Cholesteryl Ester Liquid Crystals Bioinks for Extrusion Bioprinting of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds
2022-03-03 Multifunctional Nanomachinery for Enhancement of Bone Healing
2022-03-03 A Review on Current Strategies for the Modulation of Thermomechanical, Barrier, and Biodegradation Properties of Poly (Butylene Succinate) (PBS) and Its Random Copolymers
2022-03-03 Circular Polarized Light Emission in Chiral Inorganic Nanomaterials
2022-03-03 Ene?Reductase: A Multifaceted Biocatalyst in Organic Synthesis
2022-03-02 Dual-functional bioactive silk sericin for osteoblast responses and osteomyelitis treatment
2022-03-02 Melt-Spun, Cross-Section Modified Polycaprolactone Fibers for Use in Tendon and Ligament Tissue Engineering
2022-03-01 Polymer/metal composite 3D porous bone tissue engineering scaffolds fabricated by additive manufacturing techniques: A review
2022-03-01 Surface engineering of additively manufactured titanium alloys for enhanced clinical performance of biomedical implants: A review of recent developments
2022-03-01 Comparative Study on Mechanistic Kinetic Modeling of the Enzymatic Synthesis of Galacto?Oligosaccharides
2022-03-01 Purification and characterization of an enzyme that degrades polyamide 4 into gamma-aminobutyric acid oligomers from Pseudoxanthomonas sp. TN-N1
2022-02-28 Application of Chitosan and Its Derivative Polymers in Clinical Medicine and Agriculture
2022-02-28 Mulberry Leaves Derived Red Emissive Carbon Dots for Feeding Silkworms to Produce Brightly Fluorescent Silk
2022-02-27 Special Features of Polyester-Based Materials for Medical Applications
2022-02-25 Strontium Functionalization of Biomaterials for Bone Tissue Engineering Purposes: A Biological Point of View
2022-02-25 Benefits of Implementing Carbon-Based Nanomaterials in Agriculture
2022-02-25 Engineered Nanotechnology: An Effective Therapeutic Platform for the Chronic Cutaneous Wound
2022-02-24 Nanotechnology in the Restoration of Polluted Soil
2022-02-24 Secondary metabolite?entrapped, anti?GPA33 targeted poly?dopamine nanoparticles and their effectiveness in cancer treatment
2022-02-23 Recent Advances in Electronic Skins with Multiple-Stimuli-Responsive and Self-Healing Abilities
2022-02-23 Surface Functionalization of Ureteral Stents-Based Polyurethane: Engineering Antibacterial Coatings
2022-02-23 Advances in Modification Methods Based on Biodegradable Membranes in Guided Bone/Tissue Regeneration: A Review
2022-02-22 Enhancement of natural dyeing properties and UV resistance of silk fibers modified by phenylboronic acid/hydroxypropyl???cyclodextrin functionalized Fe3O4 particle
2022-02-22 Microfluidic Tissue Engineering and Bio?actuation
2022-02-21 Short?chain alcohols inactivate an immobilized industrial lipase through two different mechanisms
2022-02-20 Functionalizing Framework Nucleic?Acid?Based Nanostructures for Biomedical Application
2022-02-19 Strategies to Control Therapeutic Antibody Glycosylation during Bioprocessing: Synthesis and Separation
2022-02-18 New Insights of Scaffolds Based on Hydrogels in Tissue Engineering
2022-02-18 What is Nanoinformatics?
2022-02-18 Docetaxel?loaded scaffolds manufactured by 3D printing as model, biodegradable prostatic stents
2022-02-17 Overexpression and Characterization of a Novel Plant Carotenoid Cleavage Dioxygenase 1 from Morus notabilis
2022-02-17 Production of Biodegradable Bioplastics filled with Jordanian Olive Tree Leaves
2022-02-16 Aconitic Acid Recovery from Renewable Feedstock and Review of Chemical and Biological Applications
2022-02-16 Composite Soil Made of Rubber Fibers from Waste Tires, Blended Sugar Cane Molasses, and Kaolin Clay
2022-02-16 Properties Enhancement Nano Coconut Shell Filled in Packaging Plastic Waste Bionanocomposite
2022-02-16 Scalable reverse?engineering of gene regulatory networks from time?course measurements
2022-02-15 Advancing Nano-Imaging Using 2D Materials
2022-02-15 Developing Nanoinsecticides to Tackle Common Agricultural Pest
2022-02-14 Developing Microbial Co-Culture System for Enhanced Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) Production Using Acid Pretreated Lignocellulosic Biomass
2022-02-11 Fabrication and Characterization of PCL/HA Filament as a 3D Printing Material Using Thermal Extrusion Technology for Bone Tissue Engineering
2022-02-11 Chain extension of thermoplastic polyamide elastomer and its foaming performance
2022-02-10 A Comprehensive Review on the Emerging Roles of Nanofillers and Plasticizers towards Sustainable Starch-Based Bioplastic Fabrication
2022-02-10 Two?Photon 3D Laser Printing Inside Synthetic Cells
2022-02-09 Employing Synergistic Strategies to Advance Nanomedicine
2022-02-09 Cell?derived and enzyme?based decellularized extracellular matrix exhibit compositional and structural differences that are relevant for its use as a biomaterial
2022-02-03 Biotreatments Using Microbial Mixed Cultures with Crude Glycerol and Waste Pinewood as Carbon Sources: Influence of Application on the Durability of Recycled Concrete
2022-02-03 Greiner Packaging and LyondellBasell offer circular solution for coffee capsules
2022-02-03 Plasma?driven biocatalysis: In situ hydrogen peroxide production with an atmospheric pressure plasma jet increases the performance of OleTJE when compared to adding the same molar amount of hydrogen peroxide in bolus
2022-02-03 Layer?by?Layer Engineered All?Liquid Microfluidic Chips for Enzyme Immobilization
2022-02-02 U.S. postdoctoral careers in life sciences, physical sciences and engineering: Government, industry, and academia
2022-02-02 Ultra?compliant Indwelling Elastomer Balloons Improve Stability and Performance of Bioengineered Human Mini?Hearts
2022-02-01 Injectable and biodegradable double-network nanocomposite hydrogel with regulable sol-gel transition process and mechanical properties
2022-01-29 Bacterial Cellulose—A Remarkable Polymer as a Source for Biomaterials Tailoring
2022-01-28 Improving Polysaccharide-Based Chitin/Chitosan-Aerogel Materials by Learning from Genetics and Molecular Biology
2022-01-28 Compositions and Structural Geometries of Scaffolds Used in the Regeneration of Cleft Palates: A Review of the Literature
2022-01-28 Carbon Nanomaterials (CNMs) and Enzymes: From Nanozymes to CNM-Enzyme Conjugates and Biodegradation
2022-01-27 Liquid crystal?based elastomers in tissue engineering
2022-01-26 The partition representation of enzymatic reaction networks and its application for searching bi-stable reaction systems
2022-01-26 Consumer Applications of Carbon Nanotubes
2022-01-25 Micro/Nanoarchitectonics of 3D Printed Scaffolds with Excellent Biocompatibility Prepared Using Femtosecond Laser Two-Photon Polymerization for Tissue Engineering Applications
2022-01-25 The Effect of Nanoparticle-Incorporated Natural-Based Biomaterials towards Cells on Activated Pathways: A Systematic Review
2022-01-25 Poly(ether ester) and related block copolymers via organocatalytic ring?opening polymerization
2022-01-24 Synthesis, Characterization and Physicochemical Properties of Biogenic Silver Nanoparticle-Encapsulated Chitosan Bionanocomposites
2022-01-22 Recent Advances in the Surface Functionalization of PLGA-Based Nanomedicines
2022-01-22 Advances in Photocrosslinkable Materials for 3D Bioprinting
2022-01-22 Comparison of Selective Laser Melted Commercially Pure Titanium Sheet?Based Triply Periodic Minimal Surfaces and Trabecular?Like Strut?Based Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
2022-01-17 Processing and Characterization of Bioplastics from the Invasive Seaweed Rugulopteryx okamurae
2022-01-17 Food Powder Flow in Extrusion: Role of Particle Size and Composition
2022-01-13 Plastic accumulation during COVID-19: call for another pandemic; bioplastic a step towards this challenge?
2022-01-10 Antibacterial Properties of Tungsten Oxide
2022-01-07 Two Birds with One Stone: Bioplastics and Food Waste Anaerobic Co-Digestion
2022-01-06 How Can Nanocrystal Size Affect X-Ray Diffraction Results?
2022-01-06 Hairy Nanoparticles: What and Why?
2022-01-06 Resource Utilization of Biogas Waste as Fertilizer in China Needs More Inspections Due to the Risk of Heavy Metals
2022-01-04 Integrating Nanotechnology into the Internet of Things
2022-01-01 Enhancing cofactor regeneration of cyanobacteria for the light-powered synthesis of chiral alcohols
2021-12-30 Parks and Recreational Areas as Sinks of Plastic Debris in Urban Sites: The Case of Light-Density Microplastics in the City of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2021-12-29 Improving genomically recoded Escherichia coli to produce proteins containing non?canonical amino acids
2021-12-23 Techno-Economic Analysis on an Industrial-Scale Production System of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) from Cheese By-Products by Halophiles
2021-12-21 How Can Nanofertilizers Resolve Nutrient Shortages?
2021-12-16 Analyzing the Antiviral Activity of Graphene Oxide Against COVID-19 and Other Viral Infections
2021-12-16 Assessment of Biodegradation and Eco-Toxic Properties of Novel Starch and Gelatine Blend Bioplastics
2021-12-15 Extracellular Matrix and the Production of Cultured Meat
2021-12-15 Rapid Ultrasound-Assisted Starch Extraction from Sago Pith Waste (SPW) for the Fabrication of Sustainable Bioplastic Film
2021-12-15 One pot consolidated bioprocess for conversion of Saccharum spontaneum biomass to ethanol-biofuel
2021-12-13 Fabrication of Piezoelectric Electrospun Termite Nest-like 3D Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
2021-12-10 Effect of Molecular Weight and Nanoarchitecture of Chitosan and Polycaprolactone Electrospun Membranes on Physicochemical and Hemocompatible Properties for Possible Wound Dressing
2021-12-08 Green Synthesis of Ag Nanoparticles for Antibacterial Applications
2021-12-08 An Overview of Recent Advancements in Microbial Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) Production from Dark Fermentation Acidogenic Effluents: A Path to an Integrated Bio-Refinery
2021-12-08 Lignocellulose-Degrading Enzymes: A Biotechnology Platform for Ferulic Acid Production from Agro-Industrial Side Streams
2021-12-07 A Comprehensive Review on Natural Fibers: Technological and Socio-Economical Aspects
2021-12-07 “Neptune Balls” Polysaccharides: Disentangling the Wiry Seagrass Detritus
2021-12-06 Multi-membrane search algorithm
2021-12-04 Isolation of Microbulbifer sp. SOL66 with High Polyhydroxyalkanoate-Degrading Activity from the Marine Environment
2021-12-01 Tissue engineering, 3D-Bioprinting, morphogenesis modelling and simulation of biostructures: Relevance, underpinning biological principles and future trends
2021-12-01 3D printing of gelatin/chitosan biodegradable hybrid hydrogel: Critical issues due to the crosslinking reaction, degradation phenomena and process parameters
2021-12-01 Collagen Nanoparticles in Drug Delivery Systems and Tissue Engineering
2021-12-01 Bioprinted constructs for respiratory tissue engineering
2021-12-01 Assessment of Petroleum-Based Plastic and Bioplastics Degradation Using Anaerobic Digestion
2021-11-30 Advanced Hydrogels for Cartilage Tissue Engineering: Recent Progress and Future Directions
2021-11-26 Recent Advancements in Microbial Polysaccharides: Synthesis and Applications
2021-11-26 Synthetic Protein Nanoparticles: An Overview
2021-11-26 Biodegradable 3D Printed Scaffolds of Modified Poly (Trimethylene Carbonate) Composite Materials with Poly (L-Lactic Acid) and Hydroxyapatite for Bone Regeneration
2021-11-25 Application of Nanotechnology in the Production of Biohydrogen: A Review
2021-11-24 Antiviral Activity of Intermetallic Nanoparticles Incorporated into Polymeric Fibers
2021-11-22 Overview of Bioplastic Introduction and Its Applications in Product Packaging
2021-11-19 Superior toughened bio-compostable Poly(glycolic acid)-based blends with enhanced melt strength via selective interfacial localization of in-situ grafted copolymers
2021-11-10 Chitosan as an Underrated Polymer in Modern Tissue Engineering
2021-11-09 Latest Advances in Protein-Recovery Technologies from Agricultural Waste
2021-11-03 Lipid Vesicles and Other Polymolecular Aggregates—From Basic Studies of Polar Lipids to Innovative Applications
2021-11-03 Effects of growth promoting microorganisms on tomato seedlings growing in different media conditions
2021-11-01 Influence of chemistry and fiber diameter of electrospun PLA, PCL and their blend membranes, intended as cell supports, on their biological behavior
2021-10-29 Study of the Degradation of Biobased Plastic after Stress Tests in Water
2021-10-27 Upcycling Biodegradable PVA/Starch Film to a Bacterial Biopigment and Biopolymer
2021-10-26 Cross-Scale Biological Models of Species for Future Biomimetic Composite Design: A Review
2021-10-22 Renewable Carbon Nanomaterials: Novel Resources for Dental Tissue Engineering
2021-10-22 Fabrication and Characterization of PCL/PLGA Coaxial and Bilayer Fibrous Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
2021-10-22 Liquid and Solid Functional Bio-Based Coatings
2021-10-20 Development of Biodegradable Bio-Based Composite for Bone Tissue Engineering: Synthesis, Characterization and In Vitro Biocompatible Evaluation
2021-10-19 Plasma Treatment Transforms Plastic Parts into High-Value Products
2021-10-15 Comparative Characterization of Hot-Pressed Polyamide 11 and 12: Mechanical, Thermal and Durability Properties
2021-10-13 Why Nanotoxicology Should be the First Step Towards a Nanotechnology Future
2021-10-13 The Use of CO2 in the Production of Bioplastics for an Even Greener Chemistry
2021-10-11 Biomedical Applications of Carbon Nanomaterials: Fullerenes, Quantum Dots, Nanotubes, Nanofibers, and Graphene
2021-10-11 Development and Characterization of Cornstarch-Based Bioplastics Packaging Film Using a Combination of Different Plasticizers
2021-10-07 Production and Surface Modification of Cellulose Bioproducts
2021-09-30 Biological Characterization of Polymeric Matrix and Graphene Oxide Biocomposites Filaments for Biomedical Implant Applications: A Preliminary Report
2021-09-29 The Use of Municipal Solid Waste Compost in Combination with Proper Irrigation Scheduling Influences the Productivity, Microbial Activity and Water Use Efficiency of Direct Seeded Rice
2021-09-29 Effect of Free Volume on Curcumin Release from Various Polymer-Based Composite Films Analyzed Using Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy
2021-09-28 An integrated model for interdisciplinary graduate education: Computation and mathematics for biological networks
2021-09-28 Starch Rich Chlorella vulgaris: High-Throughput Screening and Up-Scale for Tailored Biomass Production
2021-09-25 Recent Advances on Stimuli-Responsive Hydrogels Based on Tissue-Derived ECMs and Their Components: Towards Improving Functionality for Tissue Engineering and Controlled Drug Delivery
2021-09-23 Chemical Recycling of PET in the Presence of the Bio-Based Polymers, PLA, PHB and PEF: A Review
2021-09-20 The Effect of Pore Directionality of Collagen Scaffolds on Cell Differentiation and In Vivo Osteogenesis
2021-09-17 Exploring presentations of sustainability by US synthetic biology companies
2021-09-17 Tuning the Properties of PNIPAm-Based Hydrogel Scaffolds for Cartilage Tissue Engineering
2021-09-17 Graphene Nanoribbons: Prospects of Application in Biomedicine and Toxicity
2021-04-29 Synthetic logic circuits using RNA aptamer against T7 RNA polymerase
2021-03-01 Osteogenic differentiation of adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells using 3D-Printed PDLLA/ ?-TCP nanocomposite scaffolds
2021-03-01 Application of poly-?-caprolactone in extrusion-based bioprinting
2021-03-01 Deciphering bacterial social traits via diffusible signal factor (DSF) -mediated public goods in an anammox community
2021-03-01 Biorefining of seed oil cakes as industrial co-streams for production of innovative bioplastics. A review
2021-02-08 Effect of Cellulose Characteristics on the Properties of the Wet-Spun Aerogel Fibers
2021-02-04 Synthetic Biology and Computer-Based Frameworks for Antimicrobial Peptide Discovery
2021-02-04 Incorporation of ZnO Nanoparticles into Soy Protein-Based Bioplastics to Improve Their Functional Properties
2021-02-03 Structural and Material Determinants Influencing the Behavior of Porous Ti and Its Alloys Made by Additive Manufacturing Techniques for Biomedical Applications
2021-02-02 Bacterial tolerance strategies against lead toxicity and their relevance in bioremediation application
2021-02-01 Silk-Based Materials for Hard Tissue Engineering
2021-01-27 Effects of Mould Temperature on Rice Bran-Based Bioplastics Obtained by Injection Moulding
2021-01-26 Biocatalytic Approach for Novel Functional Oligoesters of ?-Caprolactone and Malic Acid
2021-01-22 Engineering Red-Enhanced and Biocompatible Upconversion Nanoparticles
2021-01-20 Synthesis and characterization of photopolymerizable hydrogels based on poly (ethylene glycol) for biomedical applications
2021-01-20 Volatile Fatty Acids as Carbon Sources for Polyhydroxyalkanoates Production
2021-01-19 Recent Advances and Perspectives of DNA-Nanosensors for Environmental Monitoring
2021-01-19 A Porous Sodium Alginate-CaSiO 3 Polymer Reinforced with Graphene Nanosheet: Fabrication and Optimality Analysis
2021-01-10 Carbon Nanotubes: Properties and Applications
2020-12-09 Biocompatibility and Physico-Chemical Properties of Highly Porous PLA/HA Scaffolds for Bone Reconstruction
2020-12-09 Structural and biochemical analyses of an aminoglycoside 2?-N-acetyltransferase from Mycolicibacterium smegmatis
2020-12-04 The novel method to reduce the silica content in lignin recovered from black liquor originating from rice straw
2020-12-04 Production of Polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) and Factors Impacting Its Chemical and Mechanical Characteristics
2020-12-03 Physiological and Biochemical Behaviors of Date Palm Vitroplants Treated with Microbial Consortia and Compost in Response to Salt Stress
2020-12-02 Biomimetic mineralization of chitosan/gelatin cryogels and in vivo biocompatibility assessments for bone tissue engineering
2020-12-01 Assessment of coaxial printability for extrusion-based bioprinting of alginate-based tubular constructs
2020-12-01 What are the drivers of microplastic toxicity? Comparing the toxicity of plastic chemicals and particles to Daphnia magna
2020-12-01 Recycling possibilities of bioplastics based on PLA/PHB blends
2020-12-01 Low-temperature sintering of stereocomplex-type polylactide nascent powder: The role of poly(methyl methacrylate) in tailoring the interfacial crystallization between powder particles
2020-12-01 Dual solutions of nanomaterial flow comprising titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) suspended in Williamson fluid through a thin moving needle with nonlinear thermal radiation: stability scrutinization
2020-11-30 Tailored Mesoporous Inorganic Biomaterials: Assembly, Functionalization, and Drug Delivery Engineering
2020-11-30 Advanced Genomic Sequencing - The Need for Vibration Isolation
2020-11-27 FDM 3D Printed Composites for Bone Tissue Engineering Based on Plasticized Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate)/poly(d,l-lactide) Blends
2020-11-27 Development of Eco-Sustainable PBAT-Based Blown Films and Performance Analysis for Food Packaging Applications
2020-11-25 Cellulose Composites with Graphene for Tissue Engineering Applications
2020-11-24 The Widespread Applications of Self-Healing Nanoparticles
2020-11-22 Production of Microbial Cellulose Films from Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis) Kombucha with Various Carbon Sources
2020-11-18 High?Definition Single?Cell Printing: Cell?by?Cell Fabrication of Biological Structures
2020-11-18 How Does Nanotechnology Address Problems in the Environment?
2020-11-18 Stable and efficient immobilization of bi-enzymatic NADPH cofactor recycling system under consecutive microwave irradiation
2020-11-17 Surface characterization of polycaprolactone and carbonyl iron powder composite fabricated by solvent cast 3D printing for tissue engineering
2020-11-16 Nanocomposite Materials with Poly(l-lactic Acid) and Transition-Metal Dichalcogenide Nanosheets 2D-TMDCs WS2
2020-11-13 Engineering Tobacco Mosaic Virus and Its Virus?Like?Particles for Synthesis of Biotemplated Nanomaterials
2020-11-13 Processing, Characteristics and Composition of Umqombothi (a South African Traditional Beer)
2020-11-11 Evaluation of Glycerylphytate Crosslinked Semi- and Interpenetrated Polymer Membranes of Hyaluronic Acid and Chitosan for Tissue Engineering
2020-11-11 Preparation and Characterization of Electrospun Double-layered Nanocomposites Membranes as a Carrier for Centella asiatica (L.)
2020-11-11 Discordant supramolecular fibres reversibly depolymerised by temperature and light
2020-11-01 Homogeneous organic/inorganic hybrid scaffolds with high osteoinductive activity for bone tissue engineering
2020-11-01 Methanogenic crude oil-degrading microbial consortia are not universally abundant in anoxic environments
2020-11-01 Production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) from aerobic granules of refinery sludge and Micrococcus aloeverae strain SG002 cultivated in oily wastewater
2020-10-17 Obtaining, Evaluation, and Optimization of Doxycycline-Loaded Microparticles Intended for the Local Treatment of Infectious Arthritis
2020-10-17 Enhanced Bioactivity of Micropatterned Hydroxyapatite Embedded Poly(L-lactic) Acid for a Load-Bearing Implant
2020-10-16 Developing a New Beta?type of Ti? Si/Sn Alloys for Targeted Orthopedic Therapeutics: Assessments of Biological Characteristics
2020-10-15 Influence of Polylactide (PLA) Stereocomplexation on the Microstructure of PLA/PBS Blends and the Cell Morphology of Their Microcellular Foams
2020-10-14 Production of the Polyhydroxyalkanoate PHBV from Ricotta Cheese Exhausted Whey by Haloferax mediterranei Fermentation
2020-10-13 In situ encapsulation technique for fabrication of self?healing thermosetting polyurethane with tungsten (VI) chloride
2020-10-12 Antiviral Nanostructured Surfaces for the Inactivation of SARS-CoV-2
2020-10-09 Organic Semiconductor–DNA Hybrid Assemblies
2020-10-01 Metabolic acclimation of anammox consortia to decreased temperature
2020-10-01 Investigation of melamine and DOPO-derived flame retardants for the bioplastic cellulose acetate
2020-10-01 Acrylic acid/acrylamide based hydrogels and its properties - A review
2020-10-01 Chemoenzymatic Total Syntheses of Artonin I with an Intermolecular Diels?Alderase
2020-09-30 Synthesis of Sustainable Circular Economy in Palm Oil Industry Using Graph-Theoretic Method
2020-09-29 Biocomposites Based on Plasticized Wheat Flours: Effect of Bran Content on Thermomechanical Behavior
2020-09-28 Towards 3D Multi-Layer Scaffolds for Periodontal Tissue Engineering Applications: Addressing Manufacturing and Architectural Challenges
2020-09-27 Chitosan-Grafted Halloysite Nanotubes-Fe3O4 Composite for Laccase-Immobilization and Sulfamethoxazole-Degradation
2020-09-25 Fabrication of a Polycaprolactone/Alginate Bipartite Hybrid Scaffold for Osteochondral Tissue Using a Three-Dimensional Bioprinting System
2020-09-24 Unnatural bases for recognition of noncoding nucleic acid interfaces
2020-09-22 Characterization of Bone Marrow and Wharton’s Jelly Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Response on Multilayer Braided Silk and Silk/PLCL Scaffolds for Ligament Tissue Engineering
2020-09-21 Interface Engineering in Multiphase Systems toward Synthetic Cells and Organelles: From Soft Mater Fundamentals to Biomedical Applications
2020-09-10 Loop Industries and SUEZ announce strategic partnership to build first infinite Loop facility producing 100% recycled and infinitely recyclable plastic in Europe
2020-09-01 Biosynthesis, purification and structure-property relationships of new cyanobacterial exopolysaccharides
2020-09-01 Self assembly and hydrogelation of N-terminal modified tetrapeptide for sustained release and synergistic action of antibacterial drugs against methicillin resistant S. aureus
2020-08-30 Effect of GelMA Hydrogel Coatings on Corrosion Resistance and Biocompatibility of MAO-Coated Mg Alloys
2020-08-28 Production of Porous Films Based on Biodegradable Polyesters by the Casting Solution Technique Using a Co-Soluble Porogen (Camphor)
2020-08-28 Cutin from Solanum Myriacanthum Dunal and Solanum Aculeatissimum Jacq. as a Potential Raw Material for Biopolymers
2020-08-26 Effects of Gelatin Methacrylate Bio-ink Concentration on Mechano-Physical Properties and Human Dermal Fibroblast Behavior
2020-08-25 Enhanced electrical and dielectric properties of plasticized soy protein bioplastics through incorporation of nanosized carbon black
2020-08-24 Innovative Nanocomposites for Aircraft Interior Applications
2020-08-23 Nanoparticles in cancer immunotherapies; an innovative strategy
2020-08-20 Controlled Lengthwise Assembly of Helical Peptide Nanofibers to Modulate CD8+ T?Cell Responses
2020-08-18 Evaluation of Hyaluronic Acid/Agarose Hydrogel for Cartilage Tissue Engineering Biomaterial
2020-08-18 Electrospun captopril?loaded PCL?carbon quantum dots nanocomposite scaffold: Fabrication, characterization, and in vitro studies
2020-08-15 Evaluating the effect of silver nanoparticles on bacteriophage lytic infection cycle-a mechanistic understanding
2020-08-13 Preparation and Characterization of TPP-Chitosan Crosslinked Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
2020-08-12 RNA?based fluorescent biosensors for live cell detection of bacterial sRNA
2020-08-12 Composite Fiber Networks Based on Polycaprolactone and Bioactive Glass-Ceramics for Tissue Engineering Applications
2020-08-10 Warp-Knitted Spacer Fabrics: A Versatile Platform to Generate Fiber-Reinforced Hydrogels for 3D Tissue Engineering
2020-08-10 Correlation between gene expression levels under drought stress and synonymous codon usage in rice plant by in-silico study
2020-08-07 Synthetic Polymers for Organ 3D Printing
2020-08-07 Hemicellulose-Based Film: Potential Green Films for Food Packaging
2020-08-04 Compostable Polylactide and Cellulose Based Packaging for Fresh-Cut Cherry Tomatoes: Performance Evaluation and Influence of Sterilization Treatment
2020-08-03 The 3D-Printed Bilayer’s Bioactive-Biomaterials Scaffold for Full-Thickness Articular Cartilage Defects Treatment
2020-08-01 Highly biocompatible novel polyphenol cross-linked collagen scaffold for potential tissue engineering applications
2020-07-27 Extraction of Nanochitin from Marine Resources and Fabrication of Polymer Nanocomposites: Recent Advances
2020-07-27 Biodegradation of Wasted Bioplastics in Natural and Industrial Environments: A Review
2020-07-25 Facile Synthesis of Surface-Modified Carbon Quantum Dots (CQDs) for Biosensing and Bioimaging
2020-07-24 Functionalisation of a heat-derived and bio-inert albumin hydrogel with extracellular matrix by air plasma treatment
2020-07-23 3D Printing of Microgel?Loaded Modular Microcages as Instructive Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
2020-07-22 Crosslinked Polymersomes as Nanoreactors enabling the Application of Solvent?Sensitive Enzymes in Different Biphasic Reaction Setups
2020-07-19 Recent Progress in High?Strength and Robust Regenerated Cellulose Materials
2020-07-17 Pyrazines: Synthesis and Industrial Application of these Valuable Flavor and Fragrance Compounds
2020-07-10 Hydrogel Nanoparticle as a Functional Coating Layer in Biosensing, Tissue Engineering, and Drug Delivery
2020-07-07 Recent Advances in Mussel-Inspired Synthetic Polymers as Marine Antifouling Coatings
2020-07-06 Acid-catalysed ?-O-4 aryl-ether bond cleavage in methanol/(aqueous) ethanol: understanding depolymerisation of a lignin model compound during organosolv pretreatment
2020-07-05 Enhanced Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Primary Mesenchymal Stem and Progenitor Cultures on Graphene Oxide/Poly(methyl methacrylate) Composite Scaffolds
2020-07-04 Conversion of Starchy Waste Streams into Polyhydroxyalkanoates Using Cupriavidus necator DSM 545
2020-07-03 Noninvasive and safe cell viability assay for Paramecium using natural pigment extracted from food
2020-07-02 Synthesis and polymerase recognition of a pyrrolocytidine TNA triphosphate
2020-07-01 Synthesis of 1,8-anthraquinone functionalized aza 18/20-crown-5 macrocycles and their chromogenic ion-pair recognition of hydroxides in DMSO
2020-07-01 Ru(III)-pseudohalide complexes with alkynyl functionalized salicylaldimine ligand and heterocyclic coligand: Synthesis, characterization, electrochemical and luminescence properties
2020-06-29 Marine Algae Polysaccharides as Basis for Wound Dressings, Drug Delivery, and Tissue Engineering: A Review
2020-06-29 Ion Exchange Gels Allow Organic Electrochemical Transistor Operation with Hydrophobic Polymers in Aqueous Solution
2020-06-27 Environmental Remediation of Antineoplastic Drugs: Present Status, Challenges, and Future Directions
2020-06-15 Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Supported PtNi Nanoparticles (PtNi@SWCNT) Catalyzed Oxidation of Benzyl Alcohols to the Benzaldehyde Derivatives in Oxygen Atmosphere
2020-06-08 Comparison of the Influence of 45S5 and Cu-Containing 45S5 Bioactive Glass (BG) on the Biological Properties of Novel Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA)/BG Composites
2020-06-05 Chiral Nanoceramics
2020-06-04 Diverse subterranean fungi of an underground iron ore mine
2020-06-02 Production of Substituted Styrene Bioproducts from Lignin and Lignocellulose Using Engineered Pseudomonas Putida KT2440
2020-06-01 Nonspecific interactions in biomedical applications
2020-06-01 Introduction to the state-of-the-art 3D bioprinting methods, design, and applications in orthopedics
2020-06-01 Cell death persists in rapid extrusion of lysis-resistant coated cardiac myoblasts
2020-06-01 Bioprinting with bioactive glass loaded polylactic acid composite and human adipose stem cells
2020-06-01 Design and characterisation of multi-functional strontium-gelatin nanocomposite bioinks with improved print fidelity and osteogenic capacity
2020-06-01 Novel 3D printing technology for CT phantom coronary arteries with high geometrical accuracy for biomedical imaging applications
2020-06-01 Fabrication and characterization of porous bone scaffold of bovine hydroxyapatite-glycerin by 3D printing technology
2020-06-01 Bioinspired exosome-like therapeutics and delivery nanoplatforms
2020-06-01 Matrix decoded – A pancreatic extracellular matrix with organ specific cues guiding human iPSC differentiation
2020-06-01 Microfabricated and multilayered PLGA structure for the development of co-cultured in vitro liver models
2020-06-01 Patterning of biomaterials by aerosol jet printing: A parametric study
2020-06-01 Dynamic Metabolic Analysis of Cupriavidus necator DSM545 Producing Poly(3-hydroxybutyric acid) from Glycerol
2020-05-29 Development of Polymeric Nanocomposite (Xyloglucan-co-Methacrylic Acid/Hydroxyapatite/SiO2) Scaffold for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications—In-Vitro Antibacterial, Cytotoxicity and Cell Culture Evaluation
2020-05-29 Recent Advances in Applications of Cellulose Derivatives-Based Composite Membranes with Hydroxyapatite
2020-05-26 Investigations of the mechanisms of interactions between four non-conventional species with <i>Saccharomyces cerevisiae</i> in oenological conditions
2020-05-25 Doxycycline and Zinc Loaded Silica-Nanofibrous Polymers as Biomaterials for Bone Regeneration
2020-05-21 Biodegradation of Bioplastic Using Anaerobic Digestion at Retention Time as per Industrial Biogas Plant and International Norms
2020-05-19 A facile approach to hydrophilic oxidized fullerenes and their derivatives as cytotoxic agents and supports for nanobiocatalytic systems
2020-05-19 Electrospun PCL/PGS Composite Fibers Incorporating Bioactive Glass Particles for Soft Tissue Engineering Applications
2020-05-19 Bioprocessing of Squid Pens Waste into Chitosanase by Paenibacillus sp. TKU047 and Its Application in Low-Molecular Weight Chitosan Oligosaccharides Production
2020-05-18 Preparation and antimicrobial properties of LL?37 peptide immobilized lignin/caprolactone polymer film
2020-05-16 Bioremediation of toxic heavy metals (THMs) contaminated sites: concepts, applications and challenges
2020-05-15 Engineering butylglyceryl-modified polysaccharides towards nanomedicines for brain drug delivery
2020-05-15 Extracellular matrix-mimetic composite hydrogels of cross-linked hyaluronan and fibrillar collagen with tunable properties and ultrastructure
2020-05-15 Evaluation of mechanical and biocompatibility properties of hydroxyapatite/manganese dioxide nanocomposite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering application
2020-05-15 Bioactive Glasses and Glass/Polymer Composites for Neuroregeneration: Should We Be Hopeful?
2020-05-01 Fabrication and Characterization of Fe(III) Metal-organic Frameworks Incorporating Polycaprolactone Nanofibers: Potential Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
2020-03-22 Biodegradation Pattern of Glycopolymer Based on D-Mannose Oligomer and Hydroxypropyl Acrylate
2020-03-20 Pectinolytic Bacterial Consortia Reduce Jute Retting Period and Improve Fibre Quality
2020-03-19 Response surface method for polyhydroxybutyrate (PHB) bioplastic accumulation in <i>Bacillus drentensis</i> BP17 using pineapple peel
2020-03-15 Incorporation of functionalized reduced graphene oxide/magnesium nanohybrid to enhance the osteoinductivity capability of 3D printed calcium phosphate-based scaffolds
2020-03-15 Continuous aqueous two-phase extraction: From microfluidics to integrated biomanufacturing
2020-03-14 Polychlorinated Biphenyl Profile in Polyhydroxy-alkanoates Synthetized from Urban Organic Wastes
2020-03-12 Gas Transport Phenomena and Polymer Dynamics in PHB/PLA Blend Films as Potential Packaging Materials
2020-03-10 Enhancing titers and productivity of rCHO clones with a combination of an optimized fed-batch process and ER-stress adaptation
2020-03-10 Expanding the phenotype of thrombocytopenia absent radius syndrome with hypospadias
2020-03-10 Industrial Production of Poly-?-hydroxybutyrate from CO2: Can Cyanobacteria Meet this Challenge?
2020-03-09 Effect of Bio-Based Products on Waste Management
2020-03-02 Poly(vinyl alcohol)-Based Biofilms Plasticized with Polyols and Colored with Pigments Extracted from Tomato By-Products
2020-03-01 Microanalysis of hybrid characterization of PLA/cHA polymer scaffolds for bone regeneration
2020-02-06 Correction: Heart rate variability helps to distinguish the intensity of menopausal symptoms: A prospective, observational and transversal study
2020-02-05 Tailoring Gellan Gum Spongy-Like Hydrogels’ Microstructure by Controlling Freezing Parameters
2020-02-04 Biodegradable Chitosan-graft-Poly(l-lactide) Copolymers For Bone Tissue Engineering
2020-02-03 Stereocomplex-type polylactide with remarkably enhanced melt-processability and electrical performance via incorporating multifunctional carbon black
2020-02-03 Recent Trends in the Use of Pectin from Agro-Waste Residues as a Natural-Based Biopolymer for Food Packaging Applications
2020-02-01 Effects of the proportion of two different cross-linkers on the material and biological properties of enzymatically degradable PEG hydrogels
2020-02-01 Biodegradable and compostable bioplastics: inflection point now in sight
2020-01-31 Community-intrinsic properties enhance keratin degradation from bacterial consortia
2020-01-24 Study of 1D and 2D Carbon Nanomaterial in Alginate Films
2020-01-22 3D Printing of Polycaprolactone–Polyaniline Electroactive Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering
2020-01-22 Electromechanical Behaviors of Graphene Reinforced Polymer Composites: A Review
2020-01-20 Chemical Characterization and Enzymatic Control of Stickies in Kraft Paper Production
2020-01-16 Indicators of Consumers’ Preferences for Bio-Based Apparel: A German Case Study with a Functional Rain Jacket Made of Bioplastic
2020-01-16 A Deeper Microscopic Study of the Interaction between Gum Rosin Derivatives and a Mater-Bi Type Bioplastic
2020-01-15 Synthesis and Supramolecular Functional Assemblies of Ratiometric pH Probes
2020-01-15 Synthesis and Properties of Bioresorbable Block Copolymers of l-Lactide, Glycolide, Butyl Succinate and Butyl Citrate
2020-01-14 Lactone monomers obtained by enzyme catalysis and their use in reversible thermoresponsive networks
2020-01-13 Single?Atom Catalysts in Catalytic Biomedicine
2020-01-09 Recent Advances in Natural Gum-Based Biomaterials for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine: A Review
2020-01-03 Ionotropic Gelation Synthesis of Chitosan-Alginate Nanodisks for Delivery System and In Vitro Assessment of Prostate Cancer Cytotoxicity
2020-01-02 Synergistic Effects on Incorporation of ?-Tricalcium Phosphate and Graphene Oxide Nanoparticles to Silk Fibroin/Soy Protein Isolate Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering
2020-01-01 Fabrication of High-Strength and Porous Hybrid Scaffolds Based on Nano-Hydroxyapatite and Human-Like Collagen for Bone Tissue Regeneration
2020-01-01 Design of Novel 3D-Scaffold as a Potential Material to Induct Epidermal-Dermal Keratinocytes of Human-Adipose-Derived Stem Cells and Promote Fibroblast Cells Proliferation for Skin Regeneration
2019-02-01 Inorganic Polymers as Flame?Retardant Materials
2018-10-03 Microalgal Bioactive Compounds Including Protein, Peptides, and Pigments: Applications, Opportunities, and Challenges During Biorefinery Processes
2018-07-18 Neste aiming to use waste plastic as a raw material for fuels and plastics
2018-03-25 MOFs as Supports of Enzymes in Biocatalysis
2018-03-25 From Layered MOFs to Structuring at the Meso?/Macroscopic Scale
2018-01-05 Introduction to Room?Temperature Catalysis
2015-11-17 Molecular characterisation of a bio?based active packaging containing Origanum vulgare L. essential oil using pyrolysis gas chromatography–mass spectrometry
2014-09-05 Polymersomes and their Biological Implications
2013-10-04 Lignin Matrix Composites from Natural Resources – ARBOFORM®
2013-06-30 Research Needs, Challenges and the Future of Ecohydraulics Research
2012-11-09 End?of?life Solutions for Fibre and Bio?based Packaging Materials in Europe
2012-03-15 Supramolecular Phthalocyanine?Based Systems
2012-03-09 Extra?Virgin Olive Oil—Healthful Properties of its Phenolic Constituents
2011-09-19 Biogenic Precursors for Polyphenol, Polyester and Polyurethane Resins
2009-12-15 Culture Establishment, Plant Cell
2008-11-25 Applications
2001-12-28 Kidd Blood Groups
2001-12-28 Prebiotic Evolution
0000-00-00 revolPET® A cycle for plastic and revolTEX® solution for textiles containing polyester
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